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5 No´s You Better Start Saying


“A human being has a natural desire to have more of a good thing than he needs.” – Mark Twain

Some people say Yes more often than No. Even if they want to say NO, they end up saying YES. I am one of them. I tend to say Yes to everyone. When they want help, something, anything. I say Yes. I say Yes even not having time, resources, etc.

It´s time to simplify my life and start by saying NO.

5 NO´s you better start saying

No, I won´t buy this…

Sometimes I buy stuff without thinking. I buy from impulse. I used to be worse with it, and with time, and three kids I´ve managed to be able to fight the buying impulse. I guess it goes the same with the Eating Impulse. I have been eating a lot from impulse lately.

There is nothing wrong in buying things, or eating great food. The problem is with the Intention. Was your intention to eat that food? Buy that watch? necklace? shirt…whatever? If you did it by impulse, then you better fight the impulse and learn from it.

You must buy and eat with Intention.

No, I won´t give away my own time; unless I want to.

I used to say Yes to everything, even if that meant to give away my own time to do my things. Married, and with kids, your own time becomes a luxury. What happens is that you end up doing everything, working, looking up for the kids, couples time, but you leave out your OWN time. This will deplete your energy, and you will start having negative emotions and thoughts. Please, give yourself some time, even if it is only a few minutes; Make them quality time.

No, I won´t buy into the drama

Everything in life is a drama. People make up a BIG drama, if they don´t get what they want. Well, it´s time to forget the drama, and don´t buy into it.

It is not your problem, it´s theirs. It is actually a problem about perspective. If you have a good perspective about life, you will see that there is no drama; Life should be simple…we make it dramatic.

No, I won´t use up all my space

If you own too much stuff you will end up losing your space. We need space to feel safe in our surroundings.

I have a problem with my own space. I am currently living with lots of stuff thrown in the living room. Most of them are toys, because of my 1 year old boy. I have been using those toys, and just letting them be. My living room also has lots of papers I don´t use. I should throw them away, but I have always felt that “I could use them some day, for some thing…” That day will never come. You won´t use them… throw them away! Restore your home´s vitality by restoring space. If you have too much stuff, maybe you are hoarding. Just take a minute here and think about when was the last time you used those things? Last week, last month…keep them. Six months…keep them. Last year… Unless they are legal stuff or business papers, keep them, if not… throw them away.

Declutter your space! I will declutter my living room, any toy I use, I will put it back on my son´s room.

Let space define you…not the objects you are hoarding.


No, I won´t say YES to everything and everyone!

I used to say YES a lot… because I didn´t want to be mean to people. I was losing my own time, energy, etc. If you are like me, mostly a YES person, start saying NO more often. You will gain control of your life back.

And of Course a last ONE, not counted, but I do THINK like it is needed…


NO, I won´t Hurt Animals

If you want to have principles, don´t hurt animals, and don´t hurt other people…do good. Give back to life…don´t take life away.


Is this list completed? NO it isn´t. There must be other NO´s you must start saying. If you know another NO that I must include in the list, feel free to let me know…

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