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5 sure tale signs your life is not going well – and you need to simplify it.


“We do not attract what we want, But what we are. – James Allen”

Lately I´ve been having a tough week. I have felt that I don´t have time for myself. It is true… I don´t have time for myself. I have to go to work, 8 hours, then I usually see my Private practice patients, and when I get home, I help my daughter with her homework, and at the same time, watch my 1 year old, that is trying to learn to walk. At the time when they are asleep, and I could have time for my wife, and some quality me-time, I am exausted.

My life has become a big Rise and Shine, “Rinse and Repeat”, no time for deviations, just get everything done like yesterday… It gets tough, not being able to deviate a little, and have some quality time. I bet my wife is feeling the same way.

Is this normal? I have a 7 year old, and a 1 year old…so YES, this is normal.

Have I lost my Appetite? Lost my desire to do something…anything? NO.

O.k. so I´m cool with this.

This got me going into asking myself, what are some sure tale signs that life is NOT going the way I want it to go…?

5 Sure Tale Signs Life is NOT Going The Way You Want.


  1. You don´t have time for yourself.

  2. Your life is full in every way, but you feel empty.

  3. You feel incomplete – Like there is something missing.

  4. You can´t feel Joy, Happy, the desire to do something, or you´ve lost your appetite.

  5. You don´t have a purpose in life.


 You don´t have time for yourself.

You need to check out your priorities, and your perspective in life. Start by thinking, what´s the worst that could happen if you don´t do this or that…? Most of the time, NOTHING wrong will happen.

Change the order of things, thinking that YOU must come first. In work, prioritize. Start your day first with the NOT so urgent but needed stuff, and work in batch processes of information.  After some time, an hour, hour and a half, work on your URGENT and NEEDED RIGHT NOW stuff. You need to leave this for second place, because sometimes the urgent and needed right now things deplete your energy. You have been putting off fires, so you are exhausted. You start your day by exhausting yourself.

Your life is full in every way, but you feel empty.

Make time and think about what you have, and what you have accomplished. Pay attention to everything you have in life, and stop paying attention to what you don´t have. What you have is what matters. What you don´t have, only gives you anxiety.

You feel incomplete – Like there is something missing.

Stop looking for the missing piece. You are not a puzzle, you are a unitary and complete human being. You don´t need anything else! Stop thinking that you will feel great when you have accomplished getting the Degree you want, or when you get promoted. Check yourself what you´ve got, and feel complete! If you don´t feel happy now, you won´t feel happy either when getting that promotion. What will happen if you don´t get it? Life ends. Well, not really.

Don´t wait on having someone as a couple to feel complete! You need to be complete without them, in order to be able to give and receive their love. Love starts from within…

You can´t feel Joy, Happy, the desire to do something, or you´ve lost your appetite.

If you are feeling this way, and can´t “feel Joy, Happiness, desire, etc.” Please check yourself with a mental health professional. You may be having Depression.

You don´t have a purpose in life.

Life feels quite empty if you don´t have a purpose.

Find a purpose! Any purpose…

If you give to others, you will feel complete…


Got inspired to write these signs by reading:



Hope this helps. Comment if you have these sure tale signs! Let´s talk.

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