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A New Approach to Life – Becoming Minimalist


” I used to think that minimalism was limited to an overabundance of tangible goods and removing unnecessary things from our lives. There was a part of me that thought getting rid of everything you dont need or use inside your home was the definition of being a minimalist.” – Brian Gardner of No Sidebar

” So. Minimalism. Its been many months since I embraced minimalism and attempted to make it a part of my life. Immediately I saw the benefits of owning less stuff and was relieved to see that if I parred down my belongings I…” –

Is minimalism just attempting to make your life better… by owning less stuff?

It starts like that. You make a mental and physical effort in letting go of stuff you don´t need. Most of the time this is actually tough. You need to learn how to let go.

This is difficult, because you normally do the contrary,  you create a link between yourself and each object you buy, or you collect. With each object that you own… Letting go of them is not in your interest when buying them, or obtaining them.

This is what makes Minimalism a challenge.

You need to let go of them.

How do you let go? You consciously make a determination to let go, and then act upon the determination. Just do it.

How do you become Minimalist?

You constantly take determinations on letting go of what you don´t need. It becomes a habit, becoming minimalist. You become Minimalist, when you have the letting go habit ingrained deep in your mind. That´s when it becomes a way of life.

You get more, from less.

Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields Millburn, believe that without the abundant clutter of material possessions you´re free to prioritise the stuff that matters: family, hobbies and passion projects.

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