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A Sight For Sore Eyes is:

The Art of Living a Meaningful life.

  • Anything that might help you to re-design, make better, and actually get to your goals in life.
  • Backed up by science, and research, so expect researched information always.
  • A wide range of subjects combined, that actually help in redesigning life.
  • Science of Happiness
  • Actionable productivity
  • Salesmanship and business start-up tips

  • A Sight for Sore Eyes is about finding introspection,  inspiration, closure, productivity and new beginnings in every day lives, even though we are tired, in doubt of ourselves, and or having negative thoughts and feelings, or just passing through life anxiously, passively, or barely making it through.

    It’s a jumpstart to our emotions, thinking patterns and behavior, so we find happiness and peace of mind as we become congruent and one.

    It’s a place to explore the psyche, the mind, behavior, relations, work, productivity, health, family, parenting,  it’s a holistic exploration, and more importantly our PATH.

    My name is Carlos Coto, these are my thoughts and knowledge of some topics i´ve learned that may be of use in life. This may be the start in finding YOUR PATH, a new startup for life.

    I ‘m father of two lovely and awesome kids, re-married, i’m a Psychology Professor in a local university, psychotherapist, writer, EDM musician, and also I may be your friend… or your brother in the journey.


    I have to tell you that I may go through some unconventional ways, so prepare to change. CHANGE IS GOOD.

    Lets get going! Let´s start, or better yet, let´s re-start your life path.

    Be all you can be, ALWAYS!

    P.S. All this might be b.s. For a lot of people, but for me, and maybe you, sometimes it may be an inspiration.

    I love hearing and helping, so please say hello!