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Addiction Treatment: Things You Should Know About

Editor´s Note: This is a guest post from Jerry Sherington.

Treatment for addiction is something that many people do not seek out. The problem is that many addicts do not immediately recognize that they have a problem. Many believe that their addiction is under control. They may rationalize their addiction all day long as part of vacation, or the weekend, or a special occasion, or to relax.

Many hide their addiction from others and rationalize that with the thought that other people are judgmental over things that they don’t understand. Oftentimes it takes the intervention of loved ones to help them overcome their addiction. For those who are suffering from some kind of addiction or love someone who is suffering from an addiction, there are different addiction treatment options available.


Many addicts find that rehabilitation centers are helpful at helping them overcome their dependency. The first step to treating addiction in rehab is with detoxification. This is the process of removing the addict from all forms of sources of addiction until their body is finished with withdrawal symptoms. When a person becomes dependent on something such as alcohol, their body cannot stand not having that substance in it. During the withdrawal process, many addicts require medication to help them manage their confusion and their visions. This is all done in the presence of medical professionals who are trained to deal with detoxification and withdrawal.

Addicts in rehab will meet with counselors who will help them learn what provokes their drinking. There is always an underlying problem that causes people to turn to their addiction. By identifying it and learning what puts them over the edge, addicts are taught to avoid that trigger and to turn to something healthy in the future.

Some counseling is done one on one and other counseling is done in a group setting. Group counseling helps people understand their addiction, but it also provides support to addicts from the counselor and others who are suffering from drug abuse. These group sessions provide people with motivation and determination to continue to overcome their addiction.

Medical Treatment for Addiction

There is a medical drug that is designed to help people overcome their addiction. The drug is called disulfiram. It causes nausea, vomiting, and headaches whenever the person tries to take the drug he is addicted to. Acamprostate is a drug that helps people fight the urge, and naltrexone is a drug that blocks people from feeling happy and light after they consume drugs.

There are many different options of addiction treatment for those who suffer from drug abuse. Each one is different and not everyone responds to the same type of addiction treatment, which is why it is important for people to give different treatments a chance before deciding what works.

Importance of Recovery

The primary purpose of addiction recovery is to help those with addiction or who suffer from drug abuse to stop consuming drugs completely. This is an ongoing process that lasts a lifetime. A person who suffers from addiction or abuse of any kind is never cured of their addiction; they are only sober for the minute. Each minute after that is a minute when they have to physically practice the act of remaining sober. Recovery lasts a lifetime.

When a person suffers from an addiction it is entirely possible that they can overcome their habits and begin the recovery process. In fact, studies show that approximately 50 to 60 percent of the people who make it through one year of recovery will remain free of any drug abuse for the rest of their lives. Others might have one or more relapses, but each time they become stronger and more able to overcome their addiction or abuse. The people who remain sober for life are the ones who have a good support system in their friends, family, and support groups. People who do not have support from their friends and family are the ones who are more likely to relapse.

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