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I Almost Killed My Inner Child – And So Did You!


Everyone has an inner child. At least this is what people say that they have heard or read from psychologists, mental health practitioners, etc.

It is true. You have an inner child… BUT...When was the last time you gave him/her love? When was the last time you gave him time? Quality time? When did you last played? I was talking to my daughter the other day, and I was telling her that I didn´t like sweets, candies, etc. I heard an inner voice that said…

“Yes you do…”

I didn´t say anything to her, because I didn´t want her to eat a candy and get candy all over the car…(Yes I know… I´m mean sometimes…) We as parents, cripple our kids, by not letting them live some experiences. I am not saying that everything must be lived, no… but those little almost insignificant things, like eating a candy during day time, shouldn´t be a problem. We make it OUR problem.

My daughter thinks I don´t like candy… and I don´t like candy.

That´s a big lie, I´m sorry.

I do like sweet and sour candy. That´s it, I told you because my inner child demanded I did.

The inner child is just like any child, it demands time, and love from you.

I almost killed mine, because I became too adult. I turned from childhood years directly to an adult-teen… I was not the kind of teenagers that lived a teenager´s life. I lived the life expected by my parents. We the Parents start killing our children´s inner children when we won´t let them play childish. We expect them to behave like little adults, almost all of the time. Children are like fairies…they live because of a smile, because they are happy, and they laugh;  just like Tinkerbell was born from a baby´s first laugh.

When was the last time you had a real child like laugh?

I can´t remember when I did… I almost killed my inner child, because I had forgotten about him…I was living the Adult´s /Parent´s life… working, working…working. But when did I forget?

I have no Idea.

When did YOU forget?

How can we expect to feel secure, if we forgot about someone that makes us feel complete? This is why people feel unsecure, incomplete… without love.

Start giving love to your inner child, and you will be able to feel loved.

Start giving him or her quality time, and you will feel better, under control of your life.

Please don´t forget about your inner child… He is more important than what you think.

Show her some love!


Don´t forget to laugh more often!


photo credit: Art of Healing via photopin (license)

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