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Can’t decide? 9 ways to simplify your decision making (Part 2)

Pendulum a map

Pendulum a map


In this post i´m going to go over one of the best decision making methods I know and personally use.

If you haven´t read the first seven methods, you might want to check them out here.

8.The Pendulum Method for Decisions

The Pendulum Method is a great Dowsing Technique.

According to Wikipedia:

“Dowsing is a type of divination employed in attempts to locate ground water, buried metals or ores, gemstones, oil, gravesites, and many other objects and materials, as well as so-called currents of earth radiation (ley lines), without the use of scientific apparatus.”

photo credit: sylvar via photopin cc

Obviously, I don´t use my Pendulum for looking for water, oil, buried treasures, etc. I use it to access my subconscious mind. It is a doorway to the subconscious, and bypasses rational controlled thinking, and defense mechanisms we might employ when taking decisions.

Although my personal Pendulum is made of crystal, you may use a metal pendulum, or wood, or even whatever you find, as long as it has a chain and a weight. Some people use their ring, inside of a chain they are wearing.

I know what you may be thinking: “This is dumb, everyone knows it does not work, or it is very controversial.” The thing is, yes it is controversial, and for a lot of people (very rational) this is like magical thinking. Well, guess what? I use it to connect with my inner self. There are a lot of ways to connect with your inner self, and for me, using the Pendulum is one of the easiest and best ways.

Why does it work? or How does it work?

Well according to scientific studies, as mentioned in wikipedia:

A 1986 article in Nature included dowsing in a list of “effects which until recently were claimed to be paranormal but which can now be explained from within orthodox science.” Specifically, dowsing could be explained in terms of sensory cues, expectancy effects and probability. Skeptics and some supporters believe that dowsing apparatus has no power of its own but merely amplifies slight movements of the hands caused by a phenomenon known as the ideomotor effect: people’s subconscious minds may influence their bodies without their consciously deciding to take action. This would make the dowsing rods a conduit for the diviner’s subconscious knowledge or perception; but also susceptible to confirmation bias.”

How do you use a Pendulum for Dowsing?

I will tell you How to use the Pendulum as I was taught 17 years ago. One day, a friend of my father, got home, and wanted to show my dad how to use it. Since I have always felt curious about strange stuff, I wanted to learn also.

He started by saying that this was a great method to connect with the inner self, and to find answers in the subconscious. He told us to grab the pendulum with our hand, by the chain, and let it “fall” a little, or the length that you are comfortable. I personally like it hanging low.

I created a video so you may learn how to use the pendulum, and how to train it.

So you need to hold your pendulum as shown in the video and ask “Give me a YES, or WHAT is a yes movement?” and just let it move. For a lot of people, a YES movement is from forward to back, and for others, it is a clockwise circular movement.

After, you have learned what a yes moves like for your pendulum, ask: “Give me a NO, or What is a NO movement?” Let it move. Just observe. For a lot of people a NO movement is a circular counter-clockwise movement, or it may be a Sideways movement, from side to side.

Last, you ha to ask your pendulum: “Give me a MAYBE movement” and observe. Just let it move. However it starts moving, that will be your MAYBE movement.

How to use a Pendulum for decision making?

A) Sometimes I just go to a comfortable place, were I am on my own, and just concentrate on the question. If I can, I say it out loud, and I let my Pendulum move and do the work. It just starts moving, and there you have your answer.

B) I get a piece of paper, and just write a YES / NO. Just like that, only those two words divided by a line at the middle. I ask my question, and let the pendulum decide to which of the two answers will it move.
The central line is very important, because sometimes the Pendulum´s (Your subconscious) answer is a maybe, or a Don´t know. When that happens, it moves at the middle of the YES / NO answers.

I hope this method helps you with your decision making process. If it does, or it doesn´t, make a comment maybe I can be of help clarifying.

On next post, I´ll be showing you how to use the I-Ching, and that is the last method I use for decision making.

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