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Can’t decide? 9 ways to simplify your decision making (Part 1)

Undecided Lego
Undecided Lego

Undecided Lego

What do you do when you can´t decide?

I have seen a lot of people take decisions in the blink of an eye. So I guess the most simple way to decide for something is to: just decide,  and this implies a little or a lot of impulsiveness, depending on how you normally are.

I think this is o.k. for simple, everyday decisions, but when it comes to difficult change your life type of decisions… well, I like to take my time and think about it a little more.

On the other side of decision making, there are people that take a life time in a decision as they just can´t decide. This should happen when the stakes are high, and the consequences might be life changing.

What I usually do for big decision making is use, one or more, of the following:

9 Ways to simplify your decision making

Make a list of the Pros and Cons

Try to make a list as objectively as you can, and given the information that you have at the time of making the decision. Try to make the list as extensively as you can, on the Pros but also on the Con´s.

Want – Need List

Is it something you really want, but also something you really need? Sometimes we may only want something, but we can live without it. I may want a newer car, but my actual car takes me where I need to go. You may want the new phone, but do you really need it?

Correct – incorrect

Is what you are doing, or going to do, or obtaining correct or incorrect? Your values and ethics should dictate your behavior. Sometimes it is difficult to decide as to what is correct and incorrect. Think of the bigger good, and what will sustain life.

What is the price or consequence, when are you paying it?

Everything, everything comes with a price you have to pay. The question is are you ready to pay for it? I´m not talking about monetary price here. Everything you do, comes with a price. What you should ask is: are you ready to pay for it? and when are you going to pay it?

That cigarette smoking of yours… what is the price? Are you ready to pay for it? I asked this same question last year. I had smoked cigarettes for 15 years, and for some time I had in mind the question what will my price for smoking be? For me, the price got very high, and I needed to stop! So I did, and have been a year and a half without smoking!

What are the ulterior benefits?

Every situation or thing you do has ulterior benefits… you should think what are they. For me, smoking brought peace, as my anxiety got lower after smoking. The thing was it was just a crutch. My anxiety didn´t go away for good. It just went away for a few minutes.

The Grandma Test

If you obtain what you wanted, and your decision gets you to where you wanted to be, will you be comfortable telling your grandmother what you did to get there? Will you feel great if your grandma finds out what you´ve done? or achieved? For me, If I don´t feel o.k. telling my grandma, I just wont do it.

The Chits: Paper-Chasing the Divine Will

According to Meg Lundstrum:

“Chits are a little-known but highly useful form of inner guidance. They involve writing out all your options for solving a dilemma on small pieces of paper, and mixing them up. Then you connect deeply with the Divine, throw them, and pick up one — typically the one that lands closest to you or a sacred object. You unfold it and read it. You follow that counsel.
It is a version of the casting of lots, perhaps the most ancient form of divining. In theory, it works like the I Ching and the runes”

The next two methods need a long description each, and for that reason I will divide this post and explain them in the next part.

The Pendulum Method

This is a great dowsing technique. I will explain what I do in part 2.

The I- Ching

The I-Ching is among the most studied books in the world. It is a way to connect with your inner self. I will explain how I do it, in part 2.

Please let me know what do you think about these methods? or let me know if they helped you make decisions!

photo credit: Rafael Peñaloza via photopin cc

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