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Change is Good.

Change is good.

Change helps us to be adaptable; so lets embrace it.

There are times in life that you may become rigid. You may already be rigid with your family, with your loved ones, rigid at work, with your boss, with your friends, rigid with yourself, and even with everything.

Sometimes people are so rigid that they have lost the capacity to cry. Some may see it as a new strength they are developing. That´s really sad.

Lets see it as it really is…a step closer to being dead.

You are becoming dead inside, little by little, through each tear not shed.

WAKE UP! Open your eyes! CHANGE! Live each moment, and don´t worry if it has bad or good emotions, since it´s all life. Be careful not to hurt anyone, but live the moment.

Be capable of adapting, and living each moment as it should. If it is time to cry, then, by all means CRY! If it is time to be sad, then BE sad… if it is time to laugh; LAUGH! If You keep living the moment, you will be a step closer to mental health, and health of the body, mind, and soul.

“As you walk and eat and travel, be where you are. Otherwise you will miss most of your life.”


People are afraid of change because they don´t understand it. Well, you´re not supposed to. You just need to let go of comfort, and adapt. Even if you are afraid, go with the flow of things. Life will get you somewhere, and don´t worry of being lost. You need to get lost to be found.

In order to find yourself, you need to be congruent with each moment, with each feeling, and with each thought.

Lets embrace CHANGE in this journey called life!

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