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Are you a Creator or a Destroyer?

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Today, I was reading a great post at Man Vs. Debt, talking about: “What are you creating?.”

I loved Joan Otto´s (Man Vs. Debt community manager) words:


In my world, creation is a lot about words and art. That’s awesome – and it’s just right for me.

You might create in other ways.

Maybe you help people create connections with each other.

Maybe you create comfort by being a good listener.

Maybe you teach or mentor – and in so doing, help people create themselves.

There are any number of ways to create.

Part of doing what you love is finding your own way to create awesome things, and doing it


The past three days, I´ve been in my HandLink Book Launch, at the Kindle Store.

It has been a roller-coaster ride for me, since it went live.
The book has opened up “the world” to me, meaning that I was no longer a cool almost unknown professor, but I also became a published professor, on Amazon!

Maybe to the U.S. and Europe friends, this means nothing, but for Central America, and El Salvador, it is a great thing. I will probably talk about this on my next post, when I have sufficient data of the Launch and what the book launch brought.

Before the Book Launch, I was just another professor, and psychotherapist. During the Launch, I had become a Creator.

Actually, I started three to four years ago, when I created, gave birth, and put to practice a new Energy Psychology Technique named HandLink. Since then, I have tested, and used to a great degree, the technique. Many people heard of it, my friends, family, patients, collegues and later, some people at this blog.

I had Created a technique that could Destroy negative emotions.


When you create something…do you destroy something else? Is this thought viable? Is it like the Tai Chi, or Yin-Yang? Matter-Antimatter?

The problem with Creation is that it goes hand in hand with Destruction.

Both are actions you might take in response to something.

Think about it as a Stimulus that causes an Action.

The Stimulus comes, hits you, your brain takes about two seconds to process, and then you ACT!

How do you normally act? or Re-act to the stimulus? Are you a creator, and act POSITIVE? or are you a DESTROYER and react on the NEGATIVE?

You must be thinking…well it depends on the kind of stimulus! Does it… really?? or are you always reacting to things the same way?

The thing is, for most people, their reaction becomes chronic. You chronically, respond the same way to the same kind of stimulus.

Are you a Fighter, or a Flighter? are you Active or Passive? do you shout or whisper? are you a Creator or a Destroyer type? Are you a Yes person or a No person.

Take a look at how you react to your spouse, kids, boss, co-workers.

Are you a cool person, or a cranky one?

It just takes two seconds to decide… how you will react to any given situation. This week, my daughter dropped a glass with milk, and the milk got all over the place… What should I do? Should I re-act and yell to her, and make her suffer for that! I used to react like that anyway… I could have Yelled “WTF or something…”

The Action = She dropped her milk…

Time: Two seconds in between passed… my brain processed the info… and

Reaction: I created… I told her not to worry, showed her how we could get rid of the mess, and praised her for doing it great…

I could´ve reacted negatively, and yell to her… and DESTROY a piece of our relationship by not showing her what she had to do, and just reacting crazy. So as you can see, this applies to every situation.

You can create ART, a business or you can even create an awesome love or friendship connection with someone…

Try to Create more than what you destroy!

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  • Claudia Jazrawi November 9, 2013, 12:20 am

    Another great post Carlos, love following what you write!

    • cmcoto November 9, 2013, 2:12 pm

      Thanks Claudia! Glad you liked it!!! Thanks for following…

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