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Disconnect In Order To Reconnect With Yourself and Start Your Day With Purpose


I remember feeling “more conected” to myself a few years ago. I remember a time when there wasn´t any smartphones, or even cellphones. I remember going everywhere without any electric equipment. No laptop, cellphone, ipad, etc. Just myself, with my inner self. I felt more connected, and more happy with myself. Whenever I felt lonely, I just searched inside and found my inner self. Today, I tried connecting, but in the middle of the action the phone rang. I tried not to hear it, although it was not possible. Two messages, three whatsups… What´s up… anyway with life today? We can´t be without technology…

“I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.”~ Brené Brown

“We can’t really spend quality time with ourselves or with the people we love and care about, when it seems like there is always something that needs to be shared, some pic, status or comment to be liked or replied etc.”- Luminita Saviuc

This Post was inspired by: Disconnect in Order to Reconnect with Yourself; which appeared first on Purpose Fairy. “


My daughter can´t live without the ipad…I caused her to be an ipad addict, by showing her games. Was this supposed to happen? Are little girls supposed to be ipad addicts? The system lends itself to be so easy, that it becomes native to kids. It is a language that they talk and know how to use it, natively. My 10 month son, wants to touch my smartphone, cause he knows that with a swipe of his tiny finger he can move through different screens. He too, is becoming addict to smartphones.

Should this be happening? I don´t know.

Are we smarter? I don´t feel smarter… I feel like a slave. A slave to the smart…phone, tablet, etc. I cannot go out without them. Why?


Do something. Act now. Disconnect from technology.

Every day you need to disconnect from all this technological slavery in order to reconnect with life.

Start connecting to life…your family, people, and a purpose.

You need to reconnect with your inner self. Reconnect with your trueself, with your internal love. You will find love inside, but you need to be able to find it. Feel it. There must be no attention grabbers, no technology, just you and yourself.


Start Your Day With Purpose

I propose to you to start your day with purpose. You need to connect with yourself. For the first few minutes of your day, reconnect with your inner self by:

1. Leaving everything technological and taking a walk. If you can, walk barefoot in a lawn. Feel the grass in your feet. This will create better grounding. It will ground your mind, emotions, etc.

2. Meditate – Learn how to meditate. Start with a few minutes, until you manage half an hour. You will feel reconnected and with greater determination, alertness, and vitality.

3. Learn Tai Chi or Yoga – Same as the above.

4. Excercise – When you do, your body will feel better. Endorphins are secreted to your bloodstream, and they make you feel great!

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