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Got the Flu? Try These Energy Techniques that boost your immune system


Today I´ve been feeling bad with the flu. This is pretty bad for me because I have to work attending patients, and work directly with people, at my clinic and at the university campus.

I need to help my immune system fight back the disease.

I know I can help my immune system to find balance again, and regain health fast! In order to do it, I use easy and simple energy techniques that boost your immune system, and may be used by anyone, and at any time.

Simple Techniques that boost your immune system

Walk and do some exercise

When you exercise, your body liberates endorphins. Endorphins make your body feel really good, and help your body to rejuvenate with the analgesia and the feeling of wellness they provoke.

Relax, and have happy thoughts

When you relax and when you are happy you also liberate endorphins. You also prepare your mind and body for a positive mindset. A positive mindset is needed for your body to augment its immunity. This is an important premise for Psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology.

According to

“Psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology is a way of conceptualizing the unity of mental, neurological, hormonal and immune functions with its many potential applications. PNIE addresses the influence of the cognitive images of the mind (whatever its elusive definition) on the central nervous system and consequent interactions with the endocrine and immune systems.”

“Most diseases stem not from one but a long chain of contributing factors, which intensify or multiply over a period of months or years. Our behavior, feelings, stress levels, relationships, conflicts and beliefs contribute to our overall susceptibility to disease. In essence, everything about our lives affect our health. By improving these dimensions of ourselves over which we control, we can maximize our well-being and our ability to resist illness. Our power to prevent and heal illness is far greater than most of us realize.”(Jaffe, 1981)

So lets prevent illness, and lets increase our immune system, shall we?

Energy Techniques that boost your immune system

Visualization Technique

The following technique is very easy to do, but you must find yourself alone for a few minutes. Find yourself a quiet spot in your house. Maybe put some incense to ambient your room, and if you want, you may use some pacifying music.

What I want you to do is to imagine yourself in a clearing in the woods, but make it a beautiful place, not a dark one. This place is bright, full of trees, different colored flowers and Butterflies.

Good, when you have visualized it, imagine that you lie down in the clearing. Smell the air in that magical place, and imagine that rain starts to fall, a small amount, but starts to clean yourself. Feel this rain to be magical and that it cleans you outside but also on the inside. Imagine the purifying rain to be cleaning every cell in your body, and relax… feel this special moment. After a few minutes feeling this rain in your body, make it stop, and imagine a rainbow. Feel that rainbow in your body, and Smile. You may open your eyes by now.

Thymus Thump

The Thymus gland is very important in helping your immune system. Dr. John Diamond, author of “Life Energy” maintained that the thymus monitors and regulates the body’s energy flow. If there is an imbalance in energy flow, the Thymus Thump can help correct it.

What you need to do is to THUMP with your finger tips united at the upper part of your breast bone. Right beneath it, is located the Thymus gland. The vibration of the Thumping makes the Thymus to go to work. It elevates your energy system and your immune system.

Usually I Thump my Thymus like for 20 times, or until I feel a bit different, more energized, but this is subjective, so you better try it yourself.

Taoist Arch

A great body posture for increasing your energy and your immunity is the Taoist Arch.
You need to stand normally, with your feet shoulders apart. Your knees slightly flexed. Start flexing and arching your back backwards, and while you do it, look at the sky above! You may leave your arms normally down beside your torso. Bend your back a little further, until the point where you start to feel a tremor in your body. Your body will start trembling because of the difficult stance, and this is normal. You want your body to tremble, from your feet to your head. Once you start managing a few minutes of the stance, your body will tremble a lot… and this invigorates you. This moves your Chi (Energy).

Well I hope you try out these techniques, and if you have any questions please ask! Let me know if they have helped you, and THANK YOU for your time…

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