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You Failed! – Why Is It Actually Good


– You Failed!

I could see my father in my mind yelling at me, stressing those two words. I could see how my life would suddenly turn upside down, in an instant. I had trouble sleeping for a whole month, when I had to tell my parents I had failed at business school. I was nothing. I had nothing. I was never going to be anything. My words had been a premonition of my later life.

What happened? I didn´t like business school. I loved marketing, I loved economics, I loved entrepreneurship, I aced every test in those classes… but, I hated accounting. I flunked every test. At the end, after I studied hard enough I managed to get to my fourth year in business school. You see, in my country El Salvador, every minor you take has 5 years.

I went to my father. I said… Dad, I have to talk to you… Oh crap… I took a deep breath, and spelled it out…- I want to drop out of business school.

– Are you ok? – Those where his words.

– Yes I´m fine.

– Then it is your choice.

I almost pee in my pants! What, I didn´t sleep for a month, and I´ve been dreading speeking with you, and you only tell me this… O.k. great!

– Do you want to study something else?

– Yes.

– Then take the determination and do it.

I did. I graduated in 4 years, not five, Cum Laude from Psychology. That´s what I loved.

Failing is actually good

People are afraid of failing.

Our society has made us that way. It praises Winners, and makes Losers to feel, bad… as a “Loser”.

You need to understand that in order to win, you gotta lose.

We cannot learn something, without failing multiple times in that something.

It usually takes 10,000 hours of work to become a Master.

That means 10,000 hours of pure repetition. 10,000 hours to fail at something.

You need to fail constantly, every day, so you can WIN in life.

We need to Win in life. That is the only time you can´t lose. You have to win, because you only have one life.

You need to change your mentality and start seeing losing as winning. You need to embrace losing. If you have a challenge, if you have a problem, a task not solved… that is when your brain thinks!

You are a scientist, and life is your experiment. Well you need to try out different hypothesis and you need to try out the null ones. Don´t  be afraid of losing, and trying out something. You will learn from it. See to it as your personal growth, for life. You will win in life.

Repeat anything 10,000 times, and you will become a Master.

Make time for that repetition. You will need it.

Use a debug mode in life

I am learning to program. I am learning C#, Python and Ruby. I love programming. I like how you need to be able to see and look for problems in your code. You need to debug your code constantly. By debugging your code you make great programs. You don´t expect your code to be impecable. You expect it to be poor. You will need to debug. Look for the bad code, and change it for good one.

Start debugging for life. Start looking in advance for problems, and start thinking of different ways to  be able to win. You only have one life…so you better debug more often!






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