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Fight or Flight Work?


I just lied to her.

In a few seconds I had just given her a full story of how I mixed everything up. With this background my failure wasn´t that bad, since I had given the document on time.

I told my coworker a lie, that sadly saved my a$$.

I told her I was almost finishing a task on the new format, when I in reality haven’t even started it. I sent yesterday the bad formated document to win more time.

Sure, you can have two more days, since you gave the document on time. In other work places, there is no such thing as more time. “Give me one more second” He said just as the bomb exploded!!! It gets real, on some industries. You need more time, you FAILED!

This time, I failed… but I won.

There was a time in life that I wasn´t like this…

I always did all my work on time, even if it was BORING!! My teacher told us to write in a sheet of paper 500 times “I won´t throw paper balls in class again, as it is rude to the teacher, to my fellow students and to myself.” How in the world was I supposed to write that 500 times? Not in a million years!!! That´s when I realized that the task, was a bunch of crap! Just to make up some work, without a purpose in mind.

Yes, the purpose was that I would not want to throw a paper ball again…but actually, I did throw many balls in the future.

You know what happened? Even after throwing many many paper balls… I learned.

I learned that teachers were passive agressive, that writing lines was crap, and that if I wanted to do something “bad”, I needed to do it the right way, and never EVER get caught again!

I was in second or third grade, can’t remember really because the teacher was the same for both years, as I recall.

Well, as I was telling you, I just lied to my co-worker. I don´t really feel bad about it, because I lied for not doing in time the equivalent of the 500 words task. You see, I did my work but I did it in the wrong format! So now I have to copy/paste almost all of it, but there are parts that I know will take me time to do. For what? For nothing! You never use it really at work, but it is a standard that I need to fulfill.

Have you ever felt like that? You HAVE to do something that you KNOW that it will be for nothing.

Fight or Flight my work?

Do I do my task, and fight against my true feelings, and just get it done, the best I can?


Do I flight, and leave the task undone?

At the university, we usually have tasks that I love to do, like give classes, prepare for them, but there are other kinds of tasks that I really hate doing, and those usually are administrative in nature.

I usually flight. I pretend to myself that those tasks are not that useful, and some are actually not useful. I manage to do them on time.

In school, I used to do them first. Now, I use to wait, and wait, and waaaaaiiiiit, and they keep piling up.

I used to eat pizza starting from the crust. Because I didn´t like it. I could prolong happiness for the rest of time.

What can you do?

Don´t flight, you need to take care of the task. It is boring and takes time, but you need to do it anyway.

Do that boring task first! or you will never do it!

We as humans tend to repel that what we don´t like, or hurts us. We accept and enjoy that which we like to do, but what happens to everything else? The neutral stuff? You give it a go.

Divide the boring task into smaller chunks or micro-tasks. You can give it a go, if you divide the boring task into little bits and pieces that are stupid enough, or silly enough that you will not mind doing. For example, I need to do a calendarization of my university classes. Start with the micro-task of doing only the dates. Then later, do something else, and then another micro task, untill you get it done!

Give yourself a due date. If there actually is a due date, give yourself a day less, or two days before to finish the task.

Be acountable. Tell a friend how you´ve been prolonging the task, and that you will have it done by the due date, and if you don´t you have to pay him $10, or something. Keep it small, but to the point of you feeling that you lost money.

Now, let me get back to work! and get the task done!


If the post helped you in any way, please let me know in the comments!



photo credit: Official U.S. Air Force 110427-F-DR541-425 via photopin (license)

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