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Finding Balance in An Unbalanced World


I´ve been having a hard time lately, trying to find myself.

Maybe it´s been a critical self-finding time for me. Who am I? Do I really know?… Do I care? I think I do.

Lately I´ve been having a hard time with myself, and now I get it. I was trying to find my balance, I was looking for my balance outside, in the world. I was trying to look for balance at work…but I didn´t find it.

Work is unbalanced. People try hard to get you to do their needs. You try to control people so they do Your needs. Work is a drama, and you need to live the drama, without getting hurt, without loosing balance. But what happens when you start working the day and find out you are unbalanced, because you feel unbalanced?

It happened to me this week. I got to work, and didn´t feel quite comfortable, like I almost always do. Then I started to see the unbalanced work life. People with power, wanting MORE power. People without power, needing and WANTING to have a little more power. We are power hungry individuals…in a power hungry society. All day long, people wanted other people to do something. Clash of power, between power hungry individuals.

If you watch the news, you see the same thing. Power Nations, fighting for more power. Developing countries fighting for what little power they can have over their neighbors. Is this the way of life? Since when? Since when Cain killed Abel? Crap… we will keep at it, without insight. Without giving a crap about nature.


“Happy life with the machines
Scattered around the room
Look what they made
They made it for me
Happy technology
Outside the lions run
Feeding on remains
We’ll never leave
Look at us now
So in love with the way we are…”


I thought, well maybe my balance is at home…I´ll find balance when I get home.

When I got home, and tried to find balance I couldn´t.

I fond out that the balance is gone! You get home, and you don´t find balance. On the contrary, you find chaos, and even if your  family is “normal”.

I have been trying to find my “own balance, by finding my own time”.

I don´t have time for myself.

I get home, from a chaotic work, and find myself as soon as I get home, jugling with many things, laptop, notebooks, etc.  my son in the arms, and my daughter clinged to my leg, trying to walk, and barely making it to the table. I get home, and it´s not my time, it´s theirs. I love them, very much… but I need to find myself. My inner self is desperate to do something for himself.

Have you felt that way before? If you have, please comment about it… I see and respond to every comment.

I give all my time, with love for my loved ones, but when will I feel balanced?


The problem has been that I´ve been seeking balance outside, instead of inside.


Where will I find Balance every time I need it?

Stop seeking balance outside; seek your balance inside.


You are a spiritual being, seek your balance in your spirit.

You are part of the creation, feel part of the creation at all times.

Right now, give yourself a little smile…smile to yourself.

You need to start giving time for your inner child. You need to give time for your inner work.

How do you find balance, seek YOUR center. Balance is always in the center of things. You have balance all the time, but you don´t pay attention to it, because you are paying attention to everything else, starting with your twitter chat, facebook, instagram, pinterest or whatever new thing there is in your phone. Please take a moment to give quality time for yourself.

I like to play videogames, but I always think that I have no time for playing. Wrong! Make time first to play. Your priority should be to start with your self, and then everyone else.

So now, please try it out… give yourself a big SMILE!

If this helped you in any way, please let me know by commenting



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