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Are you Ready to Start a Niche Site? Five elements of creation

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Are you ready? To start a Niche Site, and start a business?

Last post, I talked about how you are never ready to start something, but you may be prepared.

Well I´m still preparing myself for Niche Site Duel 2.0.

I´m taking my time, since it is a real business I will be creating. I thought I had an idea, and I had already bought a Domain for it, but when I passed it through the 5 Elements of Creation, it flopped.

I guess it´s better to find out before hand if it will really make it, or if it will fail. I just lost 10 bucks, and not thousands, or even hundreds.

O.k. let´s check out if you are ready:

Niche Site 5 Elements of Creation

When creating a niche site, blog or any type of website, you need to keep in mind 5 important elements that will integrate your business. This is before creating a product or doing ANYTHING.

1. Study and Know your Market

You need to start with Market Research.

A lot of people think that an “if you build it they will come…” approach is great for a Niche Site, Blog, website, or even product. A lot of people build the product, and later find out that there NEVER was any market for it.

You need to be able to aknowledge that there is going to be a Market for your Niche Site, and to buy your products. So you have to start your investigation with Market Research. You have to be certain that a fair amount of people will reach your words, and BUY your products.

2.The Importance of Traffic

People need to find your Niche Site, or blog, and they need to ENTER it to find what they are looking for.

What you need to know before you build your Niche Site, is: How will people find your site?

You could use: Organic Traffic (From Search Engines), Social Media Traffic, and/or Pay Per Click Traffic.

I personally use Organic Traffic, and Social Media traffic (Facebook, Google+, Twitter).

Without TRAFFIC, you will have NOTHING.

3. Content!, Content!, and More Content!

In this information age, GREAT CONTENT is a must! You need to put out GREAT information, or you will have less than nothing. People will click to your website to find great information, or else, they´ll leave.

Think about it this way, now a days you may buy great books at the Kindle store for 99 cents! You may download great music for 99 cents Great teams have worked to produce those books and music.
The quality is superb! So you have to ask yourself: Why will people pay more, for a piece of crap product? They just won´t! Think in terms of quality always… If this means to put out in the world less posts, then so be it! People will still look for your information… but if you only produce crap, why would people take their time for it?

If you constantly produce great content, then search engines will give you their love, sending your way more traffic.

If visitors to your site find great content, they will ASK for more. They will eagerly give you money for quality content, and they will eagerly subscribe to you and even BUY from you. This takes us to:

4. It´s all about CONVERSIONS!

It does not matter if you have studied your Niche, and built a Niche Site with awesome content and traffic; if, you can´t convert that traffic.

You have to be able to convert a visitor into a: subscriber and buyer. If you can´t, then, you don´t have a business… You may have a hobby.

You have to be able to tell whether you have a 10% conversion, or a 58% conversion rate, or a 1% conversion. Your task will be to find out how you may increase your conversion rate. If you manage to have a good conversion rate, your business will take off. Tweaking your site to multiply your conversion rate, and knowing and understanding your site analytics will become a priority.

As they say: “The Money is on the List”.

That new visitor, needs to be chanelled into your: RSS feed, Social Media fanbase, and even better, into your email list.

Please have in mind, that your Niche Site needs to have an RSS Feed, a Social Media Fanbase, and an email list.

For the RSS feed, I use: Feedburner.

For Social Media, you know them already…FB, Twtr… goo+, etc…

For setting up the email list you will have to use an Autoresponder, like: GetResponse. Try it out for free!

To manage and tweak different Optin boxes for your autoresponder, you may use Optin Skin. It is a great WordPress Plugin, that makes it easy for you to Customise and Split-Test and different Optin boxes, and places in your website.

5. You Still Need a Great PRODUCT!

Last, but not least, you need to have a great product to sell. Quality is a MUST.

Notice that the PRODUCT is the last element, and not the first one. Lots of people make the mistake of thinking that they have a product, and THEN, it´s time to promote it, so people buy.

Please don´t make this mistake! The product comes from Market Research… If you do your homework, and research good, then you will have true knowledge of what your MARKET wants, or needs, as a product.

If you haven´t produced your product yet, don´t worry…It´s even better! Find your Market, research it, set up your Niche Site, create your community, and then create your product. You may even try first promoting different Affiliate products, if you can´t afford your time or money invested yet into product creation.

These are what I call the 5 Elements of Creation of a Niche Site, but they may be used for creating a blog, or ANY website.

Please let me know in a comment what you think of the 5 Elements. Hope to have helped!

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