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Good Samaritans Still Exist – Are You One Of Them?

Who pays the Ferryman

Today I had car trouble.

I speak a lot here on my blog about Habits, and Habit Change, but I am awful with the habit of keeping in good condition my car. I don´t know why…but I suck at taking care of my car.

Well I was driving my family back home… I had a full car, packed up to the brim with baby stuff… Had been moving like a lot, from work to pick my son at the baby center, passing through my house to pick up daughter and wife…It is a heavy ride, with rush hour.

I was taking a turn, when the car just gave up power on the motor, it just faded away.

The thermostat lit…


Had to turn off the car. Parked it outside a house.

5 minutes later, a car appears outside and a man in his late 60’s appears and tells me:

-“Are you having car trouble?”

Let me tell you that this is rare! It´s rare now a days here in El Salvador. It used to be like that. We Salvadorians are very friendly people and Workaholics… we love to be friendly and work.


We´ve had lots of trouble with gangs, etc.

People don´t trust no more…

-“Er…Yes! I am…”

My mind was going at full speed… Why is this man asking; I was actually preparing myself to fight…

-“I live here…Let me go inside my house and bring you some stuff…If you want, or need something for your kids just ask.”

– They brought me everything I needed.


I had already called one of my best friends, my compadre (godfather to my son), and he was coming with everything…

At the same time, my kids pediatrician passed by our side, and when he saw us stopped to see if we needed help…




All those people, all those angels for one in need…


It is good to know that you can count with somebody. I know I can count with my family, friends, co-workers, etc. I have a social bonding to all of them. If we keep this up… there is hope for my country…hell, for the whole world!

Would you help someone in need?

How is your social bonding?

Let me know in a comment, if you want, I can be your friend.

Count me as part of your social net.





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