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Having a Life Crisis?

Glass Half Full or empty

Have you been having a Life Crisis?

According to the Free Dictionary Crisis is:

a. A crucial or decisive point or situation; a turning point.
b. An unstable condition, as in political, social, or economic affairs, involving an impending abrupt or decisive change.
2. A sudden change in the course of a disease or fever, toward either improvement or deterioration.
3. An emotionally stressful event or traumatic change in a person’s life.
4. A point in a story or drama when a conflict reaches its highest tension and must be resolved.

“A crisis is a crucial point, a turning point, an unstable condition, that generates stress and sometimes trauma. It is a great learning opportunity, and a teacher appointed by life.” CLICK TO TWEET

What you have to do to conquer a life crisis:

1.Change your perspective

For the Chinese people, the word Crisis is written exactly with the same symbol as the word Opportunity. Your perception of the world influences how that world impacts you. If you see the world as bad, terrible, everyone evil, then what can you expect? If you see the world as a place that teaches us, and we can learn from, then the whole perspective changes.

Do you see the situation as a CRISIS or as an OPPORTUNITY?

I prefer to see the opportunity in every crisis.

Are you a person that sees the glass half full or half empty?

If you see the glass half full, you are seeing what you already have.

If you see the glass half empty, you are seeing what you are missing. This perspective sometimes is very useful. You can´t work as an accountant and see the glass half full… you need to see what is missing…

So the first thing you should learn is to use the perspective that better suits the situation… In the crisis you are having, do you need to see what you have? or what you are missing?.

Either way you may, and sometimes you must, change the perception of the glass of water, as the situation or crisis evolves. Sometimes you must see the glass half empty, and find what you are missing… or see the glass half full, and accept that you already have something.

2.Change your Point of View

The Point of View is very important when you are having a crisis, and by changing it you are changing the way you process the crisis itself..Are you going through the crisis as an observer, detaching from your feelings? or are you going through the crisis feeling everything and overwhelmed?

Are you being objective or subjective?

3.Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso

Dante, in his “Divine Comedy”, the poem describes Dante’s travels through Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven. He is helped by Virgil, and Beatrice. He needs to get to Heaven to find Beatrice, but in order to do so, he has to pass through Hell, and Purgatory.

I´m talking to you about the Divine Comedy because it serves as a metaphor for me. We often want to get through each crisis, without suffering, without feeling negative emotions, feeling bad. The thing is we need to feel bad, feel the suffering, and feel everything in our HELL (Inferno) and our Purgatory, because in order to get to Heaven, we must pass through them.

Don´t despair in crisis… you need to feel the bad, to be able to feel the good. You need to pass Hell, to get to heaven. It is the only way to get to your objective.

4.Find your Path In Life to find the Path of The Hero

Each person has his own path in life… Which one is yours? That path is know as the Path of The Hero.

Don´t worry, every Hero starts his own path without knowing they are a Hero. Life makes sure that everything in the universe conspires in a single moment to make the new hero in you.

The Hero starts his path without knowing how to fight against the enemy. He, just like you, is very afraid of what awaits him, but determines to go ahead with his journey.

He gets help from sidekicks, and gets his own special weapons and objects, that he will need to destroy the enemy.

Just like the Hero, you must look for your sidekick friends, helpers, and for your own special weapons, and objects to help you in life to fight and slay your dragons.

I hope that I helped you with new weapons in this post to fight against your Life Crisis, against your Dragon. If I helped you, then maybe I am one of your Sidekick friends… so make sure I may help you some more and give you more weapons by subscribing to my email list!

Lets slay some Dragons together!

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