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How to Deal with Negative Emotions using Energy Psychology Fast and Easy

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Everyone knows that negative emotions cause great distress on the person feeling them. Everyone knows that if you keep them inside, they may cause you big trouble. The problem is: How? How do you deal with them? And for this question, not everyone knows the answer.

The best answer, would be… “go to therapy”. But the problem is that if you wait, until you get to your therapy session, then you would have lived with that negative emotion until expressing it with the therapist. Second, therapy works in the long run, and is expensive. Not everyone can afford it.

I could tell you to “talk to someone…” and that is a pretty good idea, but again, same thing. Also, not everyone likes to tell somebody else their stuff. I know I don´t. I like to keep my stuff, mine alone, and sometimes if it is too much, then I talk with my significant others (spouse, family, friends, etc.) depending of the situation.
Before I actually tell you my way of dealing with emotions, and by my way I mean the way I actually handle my negative emotions, lets talk a little about what is an emotion. Numerous scholars have through the years studied emotions.

Barbara L. Fredrickson, in The Role of Positive Emotions in Positive Psychology, explained that:

First, emotions are typically about some personally meaningful circumstance (i.e., they have an object), (Oatley & Jenkins, 1996; Russell & Feldman Barrett, 1999; Ryff & Singer, in press). Additionally, emotions are typically brief and implicate multiple-component systems (Ekman, 1994; Rosenberg, 1998; Russell & Feldman Barrett, 1999). Finally, emotions are often conceptualized as fitting into discrete categories of emotion families, like fear, anger, joy, and interest.

You may read her article at the National Institutes of Health

What´s important about this is that:

    1. Since emotions are of a personally meaningful circumstance, and they have an object, usually you know that you are feeling the emotions because of what you are living, the circumstance, or object of distress.
    2. Since emotions are brief, and have multiple component systems, you need to treat them briefly, and swiftly.If you wait, they get mingled and tangled, and then you have a big emotional chaos.
    3. Emotions have discrete categories, so if they get mingled and tangled, you have to treat the category, or categories, and not each emotion.

So here, is the how:

For me, like for Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT:

The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body´s energy system

If you want to treat or deal with a negative emotion, you have to restore the body´s energy system. Energy has to flow through the system, and when energy gets stagnant, or blocked, then the system gets “sick”, and you may feel sadness, or fear, or any of the negative emotions.

I usually deal with negative emotions, using the following energy psychology systems:

    1. EFT- Emotional Freedom Techniques
    2. Emotrance
    3. HandLink Technique.
    4. Bioenergetics Analysis

    Since these systems use the body´s energy system, they are very fast dealing with negative emotions. Usually I use Emotrance and HandLink Technique.

    If you want more information for EFT, Emotrance, or Bionergetics Analysis follow the link i´ve inserted on their names, none of the links are affiliate links.

    I developed in 2009 HandLink. I have used it constantly in therapy and with my own feelings, and I can tell you that it works. It is very fast, negative emotions go away, or disperse in a few seconds to minutes using the technique. It is very easy to learn, even children can learn it, and use it.

    I have done Sight for Sore Eyes to help everyone that needs it, and I plan to make available for FREE the HandLink Manual. I believe that therapeutic techniques that may help anyone that needs them, should be available for free. For the use of the people in need, and for everyone that wants to learn them, or use them.

    The Manual is not long, its about 36 pages, and I promise that it is very easy to learn and implement. You just use your hands.

    Please try it out, and if it helps, or if it doesn´t, please let me know, I would love to hear how it went. If you have any questions, just ask them…I love to help. The only thing I ask in return is your email. I don´t want it to SPAM your inbox, or to send only affiliate stuff. I don´t like that, so I won´t do it. I want your email as a symbol of good faith in the use of the technique. That´s it, enjoy.

    O.k. if you don´t want to use the Optin, to get the info… no worries. What I want is to make it available to everyone… just hop to my resources page and you may download it there, without the use of an optin. Just a download link! That´s so you give yourself the gift of learning something new and useful for you and your loved ones! Just take a few moments and do it!

    If you like it… maybe then you could sign up with your email.

    If you want to just take it, do it, but learn!

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