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How to Let Go

Let Go by Pat Flynn

“The best thing to do is just let go.” Pat Flynn

There are times in life that you need to let go.

Life is a constant challenge sometimes, and if you keep your mentality and attitudes without change, without adapting to change, you won´t be able to let go.

Life is the greatest teacher. Learn from it. You have been given a very special path; your own path. Learn how to walk it. (Click the link to Tweet the quote).

Letting go is difficult, but necessary, in order to grow in life. (Click the link to Tweet the quote).

I´ll never forget her words, when she told me: “I´m sorry but I have to go and live in Europe, and I´ll take your son with me.” Her words echoed in my mind, and still do. My ex wife said that to me, 8 years ago. That was one of the toughest choices I have made in my life; letting go of my son. It was a nightmare at first, and after a while I managed to let go. I did it for love; love of him. I couldn´t give him a life here in my country, as he would have in Europe. I have no regrets, but it was really tough for me.

Learning how to let go, was very important for my mental health.

“Most people worry when life doesn´t go 100% according to plan. Instead, you should worry when it does. Plans are good and necessary to have, but they shouldn´t be written in stone. Be open to and welcoming of unforseen events because those unplanned moments are often the seeds of spectacular opportunities in your life.” – Pat Flynn on his book Let Go.

Lori Deschene, of, explains in her post that:

We replay past mistakes over and over again in our head, allowing feelings of shame and regret to shape our actions in the present. We cling to frustration and worry about the future, as if the act of fixation somehow gives us power. We hold stress in our minds and bodies, potentially creating serious health issues, and accept that state of tension as the norm.

How to let go?

Change your mentality

The monsters only live in your mind. It is up to you to see life as threatening or as a learning experience. Life is tough, but it may be very rewarding. Do you have a glass half full mentality? or half empty?

Don´t be afraid of pain

Life hurts… there is no way around this. Pain is needed for your body to remember to watch out. If you feel pain, you are alive! There is no way to really live life to the fullest if you have never felt emotional pain.

When you let go, you will feel some kind of pain. This is natural, and you have to feel it. If it hurts, go on with it, and endure it. If it hurts too much, there are ways to deal with it to make it easier to deal with. One of these methods is HandLink Technique. I made it so anybody may learn how to deal with difficult emotions.

Adapt to change

Heraclitus, established that “There is nothing permanent except change.” You need to adapt, to stay healthy. Life is a constant change. If you adapt to it… you will live.

Don´t worry about the future… life will show you the way.

The decision you have made is the best one

When you took the decision to LET GO, it was the best decision you could make. At any time in life, when you take a decision, it is the best decision you can take. You may check out my posts on how to decide… it is a three part posts, that may help you in learning different decision taking methods. The exact methods I use for taking my decisions.

Time won´t make it go away… not by itself

I hear this in therapy… Time will make it go away… Well guess what, it won´t. People under difficult or stressful situations cling to images and memories of the trauma. Letting go may be traumatic.
You need to take a determination to MOVE forward, to resolve and find closure in some way.

If you have negative thoughts… deal with them NOW. If you have negative emotions… deal with them! Don´t leave it to chance, or time… cause Father time, won´t give a $h!t…

Get rid of negative thoughts and/or obsessive thoughts

Sometimes a negative thought becomes an obsession.

If you are having obsessive thoughts, you need to resolve them. If it is a negative thought, try this out. If you have a bad thought, like I used to; I used to think I would NEVER see my son again, EVER. What you need to do, for this thought to subside is to EXAGGERATE THE THOUGHT! Make up a story in which you lose all knowledge of your loved one, or something bad happens to you, and you really don´t see him again… What will happen is that ANXIETY takes over, and increases, but after a while of constantly going over these same story, it begins to go down, and this is called Habituation. Your body/mind has habituated to the Anxious thought, and it loses its grip on you.

Get rid of Negative emotions

I have talked on my post about how to deal with negative emotions. If you are having them, read my post!

Learn HandLink!

Get rid of Positive emotions

This is a tricky one, because sometimes you need to get rid of positive, and lovely emotions as well in order to move forward in life.

This usually happens for example if you have won an award before, and you make it one of your greatest episodes in life, you might have trouble to make it again. You will be comparing yourself to the win situation, and will feel that you will not make it again, and thus become a loser.

I have seen lots of people that have had a beautiful girlfriend or boyfriend, and have a breakup. After this breakup they have trouble having a new relationship, and they will be always wanting to go back to the old and beautiful relationship!

If this post has helped you in some way, make a comment! Let me know how it helped, or how I might help you.

I loved reading Pat Flynn´s, from Smart Passive Income new book, Let Go. I read it in a single sitting, and felt it strike my emotions various times. If you haven´t read it, I recommend you to, it´s a fast read, but resonates with you in various ways.

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