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I made a fool of myself at the wedding, and it was worth every moment!

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On Friday I went to a wedding of a good friend of mine and my wife’s.

It was held at the most elite and expensive social club of my country…only by invitation from club founders, and paying an obscene amount of money, you may become a member…I mean really ELITE.

The legal wedding stuff went great, the lawyer married them. Then came the Champagne, and the party…

Everything would have been normal at the party, if it wasn’t that my 5 year old daughter went from our table directly to the dance floor.

There she was! At the middle of the dance floor, moving by the rhythm of the drums… and actually dancing! Everyone was watching her, and looking for the parents!

What should we do? Go and drag her back? Act like if we hadn’t seen her? Act as if she wasn’t our daughter? (kidding) Or… Go with her and DANCE?! … Oh, crap!

I don’t dance… My wife doesn’t dance either…at our wedding, we didn’t dance, not even ONE, single, and simple dance…we just didn’t.

There’s my daughter, at the dance floor, moving her feet and dancing with her own movements, some zombie like, and some just absolutely great.

Damn, she is daddy’s little girl, my love, and for her I sacrifice anything, even my status quo, and my comfort zone. I walked towards her, thinking o.k this will be terrible, and DANCED! I danced like crazy..following her moves like if I was her mirror…people started laughing…but I mentally zoned them out! It was just the music of, Gangnam Style, by Psy, my daughter and me!

People cried laughing at my moves…but I just didn’t care anymore…I just danced with the love of my life…dance, dance, beat, beat, beat, beat ( typical Electronic Dance Music beat pattern, the Four on the Floor) jump after jump after jump, an instant passed, and I saw the crowd…they where not laughing anymore… They where actually cheering for my daughter and her crazy dad, they had made a big circle around us, and after a moment, EVERYONE started to mimic our zombie cool Gangnam Style dance moves…and I mean everyone. My daughter had turned to a great party mover, her dance was copied by everyone in the dance floor! Everyone cheered for us!

I can tell you, the social disaster that I thought was happening turned out to be one of the best wedding parties I have been to. My daughter was the fun party dancer, and she made it fun to dance.

What I learned:

1. Social barriers and risks exist only in your mind. You decide how tight or loose they are.

2. Everyone likes to have fun, but it has to start with you…

When was the last time you did something crazy and fun?

3. In hard times, and in chaos, GO WITH THE FLOW.

The chaos will show you the way…don’t be afraid.

4. Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone…it’s the only way to learn, and change.

Everyday try to do something out of your comfort zone. This way you will conquer your fears and yourself. You will grow and be more healthy.

5. Each one of us has an internal child.

When was the last time your internal child played? Or had fun? You need to have some playtime, in order to have mental health.

6. If you are a parent, when was the last time time you gave your child a quality moment? When was the last time you played?

7. Seize the moment, and not the day. Live each moment with intensity, remember it, every moment is great!

I try to do it each day…

I hope that you remember each day to go against your comfort zone, and to give your inner child some playtime!

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