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What not to Learn; What to Unlearn, and What you should really learn!

Diverse Notebooks

My daughter asked me two days ago: “Daddy, Why do we need to learn how to read?”…(5 years old)…

Me: “Well, you need to read to understand stuff, and to learn, everything you will need to learn…” Crap, what stupidity am I saying… Thank God that 5 year old´s don´t pay much attention to language just yet!

Her: “But, I already know lots of stuff!… and besides, if I need to understand something, I just need to ask you! and you read it to me…”

Me (Mouth WIDE open, as in WTF!):… “O.k. Honey…Lets do some coloring!”

I tried hard to remember, and I never asked my dad or mom why did we needed to learn how to read?! I just learned… It was tough, I remember having trouble with the x, y and z… but finally I managed.

I guess Parenting is really tough!

So, with that response, she made my brain go to work and ask myself… What do we really have to learn? What did I learn that has really helped me in life?

My son is 12 years old, my daughter 5 and they must have more questions according to their age; but, what do they need to learn to be ready for life… THIS life… the NOW life…

If I could learn again, what would I do?

If I could lay them down a map, what would it contain?

So here it is…

What I think might help them in life, work and family…

I guess this list will probably be criticized by most people, but this is what I would love MY kids to learn.

What NOT To Learn!

A Bad Habit

Please stay out of drugs!. They will make life a hardship for you. Don´t experiment, just observe what has happened to others that have been into drugs.

I never did any drugs, thankfully, but I did my share of smoking tobacco. I have been free of it for a year and 10 months now… and I feel stronger! I smoked since I was 15, so my lungs probably were kind of beaten, but I feel great now, and healthy.

If you drink alcohol, make it once in a while…at most! I remember your Grandpa when he was an alcoholic, and it was very stressing for the family. He has been sober for more than 10 years now, and counting by the time you guys read this…Dad, if you read this, I am super PROUD of you!

Don´t learn an Eating Disorder

I will try my best to give you love, show you life, show you how to deal with your emotions, with your controls. So please, don´t learn an Eating Disorder… don´t try them out!

And if you have one; please let me know. I will show you the way to control it, and overcome it.

If i´m not around, seek: Enhanced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT-E guidance therapy.

Never Steal

Please don´t steal; Hopefully I have made a better place for you guys. I work for you guys to have everything you might need. So never ever steal; unless you have to, because the world has turned into Zombieland, and you have to steal from a zombie! I hope we don´t get there… Always act with honor, and be good!

Don´t Kill

Well, again, check the above Zombie rule!

Don´t Lie

Don´t lie. I am not talking here about a “White Lie”. I am talking about the big bad LIES, that break up friendships, work relations, marriages, family, etc. If you lie to a loved one, be prepared to lose them.

What To UnLearn!

If you learned ANY of the above…UnLearn it!.

UnLearn also ANY bad habit.

You may UnLearn lots of stuff from School, if, and only if… you passed school. I have forgoten Chemistry… I hated how to add a Mole… I have forgoten Physics… Calculus… etc. All UnLearned. Why? I have never used them! If you are planning on becoming a Medical Doctor, by all means, please REMEMBER THEM ALWAYS! But I guess it is a natural process, to forget, what you don´t use.

But, don´t think that you may DROP out of school! Finish it! You will need the degree, and probably a university degree, and master´s too!

You will need them to get a good job! You may make it without them… yes. But, life becomes harder!

Unlearn beaing Cranky and Crappy to other people. Be nice… You can make a point, without all the drama. Learn how to Frame Control(More of this in an upcomming post) Be assertive!

What To Really Learn!

What To Really Learn!

Please, really learn your Reading! Learn your Math! Learn to be curious about nature, things, people! I know a lot of stuff because I have always been curious… and also because I read a lot!

Learn How to work Hard! Don´t expect to do nothing and get everything in exchange. The best things in life, take you hard work. Learn how to work hard, and you will be able to achieve a lot in life! Everything you do, do it with love, honor, and dedication.

Learn How to work with Habits

One of the secrets to a having a great life, is to build the right habits. If you know how to build the right habits, you will be an achiever. (More on a future post…but when you read this, it will already have the link.)

Learn a Martial Art!

I don´t care if you are a Boy or a Girl… you both need to be able to kick some A$$! If needed. I used to do American Kenpo Karate, and later Aikido. Love them both! I would like for you guys to do some Aikido.
I now like Russian Systema, and the one that I am liking the most is Pramek. Check it out! I hope I am able to show you guys someday…it has always been my dream.

Learn How to Dance

I wish I had learned how to Dance… Learn it, and you will have FUN! Be socially more accepted at parties, and get the guy or gal you want showing them some Demonstration of Higher Value! (More on this later)

Learn For YOUR Health and your loved ones

Learn Sujok It is Korean Hand and Foot accupuncture. It is very easy to learn and VERY effective! It has various levels, but if you use the basic level, you can do wonders!

Learn and useHandLink! I created it based on Su Jok hand placements, and it is useful to deal with Negative Emotions, ANY negative emotion.

Check out Silva Life System! My mom (Mama Jenny) took me to the Silva Mind Training when I was 13. It was awesome! I think that´s where I got the need to understand the mind, and psychology. It brings you a unique combination of Alpha and Theta level exercises, creative visualizations, habit control and positive programming methods. (Affiliate Link)

Learn Venusian Arts… With it you will learn my boy: How to Attract, build comfort and Seduce the right way! If you are my girl… You will learn: How to make them think they are attracting and seducing you! But you will have the Control…But only when your are OLD ENOUGH! and don´t play! Use it wisely and think that you want a LONG TERM relationship. Invest in your relationships! How do you think I got your mom?! Kidding… You will also learn: Frame Control, The three phases of Venusian Arts (Atraction, Comfort, and Seduction). DHV and DLV, etc. Check it out, it is a Life Skill!

Learn…and only read this when you are OVER 18, if not skip it please!

Learn that Men and Women are both Multiorgasmic! Yes that is right… BOTH! God gave us our sexuality… use it, wisely. I hope that I don´t have the SEX talk with you guys early…that will definitely be WEIRD!

Learn Computer Stuff!

Learn some HTML, CSS, and some programming… like PHP, PYTHON or RUBY. Those are the languages of the future!

I currently know HTML and CSS. I made myself the Theme of this blog! If I don´t like something of it, I know how to change it myself.

I am learning PHP, and RUBY. Programming is a skillset needed for the future.

Be a Language Hacker

Learn new languages…various languages. In this time and age, you need various languages to have a World Experience. Check out fluentin3months, a great resource site; and their paid service Speakfromday1 (Affiliate Link)

Learn “Esperanto”, it was created as a Universal Language! It is fun, and not that hard to learn. Lot´s of people know it in the world, and guess what? You can travel with the “Pasporta Servo” (Passport Service) which is a hospitality service for Esperantists.You may travel the world, and stay with another Esperanto Speaker. The service is World Wide, and very has very cheap prices!

Learn Copywriting!

This is a skill that will always be needed.

Check out the Masters: Eugene Shwartz (Breakthrough Advertising), Gary Halbert (The Boron Letters), John Caples (Tested Advertising Methods), Claude Hopkins (Scientific Advertising), David Ogilvy (On Advertising), Rosser Reeves (Reality in Advertising), The Robert Collier Letter Book, Richard Armstrong, Gary Bencivenga, John Carlton, Bob Bly and Dan Kennedy.

Learn Internet Marketing and Entrepreneurship!

Check out The Challenge It is completely FREE, and you will learn A LOT! I just finished it…and loved it!

Start a Blog! A Blog is needed in ANY business…(Affiliate Link)

Learn how to build a Niche Site… Check out Niche Site Duel. It is also FREE!

With all of These learnings, you may “Take The World”!

Carpe Diem!

photo credit: SlipStreamJC via photopincc

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