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If you Love Yourself

If you love yourself, you will be surprised- others will love you. Nobody loves a person who does not love himself.

Where does love come from?

Love comes from inside…not from the outside.

Stop seeking love in another person. Almost everyone with love problems I see in my therapy practice, have trouble with themselves. The significant OTHER is just a reflection of themselves. They are merely the mirror, but you are the one casting on the mirror whatever you have inside.

I remember losing love. I lost love before I got it. I lost love without a YES to my question, we were nothing. I thought we were everything. Our relationship lasted nothing, since I didn´t tell her I was in love. She went away to another place, never to be seen. Love died that day. I was in first grade… but for me, love really died that day. My angel went away. I felt I had nothing inside of me, a Zombie living a boy’s life. Depression came, and maybe lasted a few days, can´t remember.

I definitely felt love had stopped in my life. That I would never ever EVER, 3V3r!!!! love again.

Thirty something years later, I have loved many times, I love my Wife, my kids, my parents, friends, you. But first of all, I love myself.

If you love yourself FIRST, you will be able to love others, and feel loved. 

If you love yourself LAST, you won´t be able to love anyone, as you will be desperate to be loved, to feel loved.

If you just learn this nugget today… LOVE YOURSELF FIRST! Fill yourself up with self love, and THEN you will be able to CONNECT WITH LOVE to someone else.

Thanks for reading! Start loving yourself MORE!


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