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Osama Bin Laden Never Yelled

Osama Bin Laden

Osama Bin Laden never yelled to make a point.

I remember watching his t.v. spots, and he never raised his voice…and he made his point, and embedded it to our brain, without ever yelling. He didn’t yell, but everyone felt terror.

There are lots of people that think that by yelling they will make a point. They stress their words with a roar, and all they want is to exert authority. They want you to be afraid, so you give them authority over you.

They yell at their home, at their kids, to their spouse; and those are their first words each day. They yell to give orders… They get to work, and more yelling if they are the boss, if not, more passive-aggressive behavior.

Some people are really loud…if you are one, please use your inner volume controller and bring it down…way down.

If you really have to; take a deep breath… then give orders, make a point, but don’t yell. Don´t exert authority through this way.

Even better, exert your authority with your example, with your behavior´s, with your attitudes. Show respect to others, and they will respect you and your words.

The best words you can ever say to someone are said in a whisper, close to the other person’s ear, and those words stay forever in their mind.

Talk more, don’t yell; and whisper your best words; words of love.

The best words are not spoken; they are said through your eyes to the person you love…

Photo taken from Wikipedia.

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