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"We do not attract what we want, But what we are. - James Allen" Lately I´ve been having a tough week. I have felt that I don´t have time for myself. It is true... I don´t have time for myself. I have to go to work, 8 hours, then I usually see my Private practice [...]


Finding Balance in An Unbalanced World


I´ve been having a hard time lately, trying to find myself. Maybe it´s been a critical self-finding time for me. Who am I? Do I really know?... Do I care? I think I do. Lately I´ve been having a hard time with myself, and now I get it. I was trying to find my balance, [...]


A New Approach to Life – Becoming Minimalist


" I used to think that minimalism was limited to an overabundance of tangible goods and removing unnecessary things from our lives. There was a part of me that thought getting rid of everything you dont need or use inside your home was the definition of being a minimalist." - Brian Gardner of No Sidebar [...]

Who pays the Ferryman

Today I had car trouble. I speak a lot here on my blog about Habits, and Habit Change, but I am awful with the habit of keeping in good condition my car. I don´t know why...but I suck at taking care of my car. Well I was driving my family back home... I had a [...]


The Top 3 Excuses for Not Chasing Your Dream


Lately I´ve been wondering if I´m chasing my dream... or if I´m actually chasing nothing. It feels sometimes like I´m doing nothing. It´s always like that... You start with determination, apply force to what you want, execute... execute...more execution, and NOTHING. Still nothing... but it´s your dream. Finally, you start seeing rewards. Most people don´t [...]


I remember feeling "more conected" to myself a few years ago. I remember a time when there wasn´t any smartphones, or even cellphones. I remember going everywhere without any electric equipment. No laptop, cellphone, ipad, etc. Just myself, with my inner self. I felt more connected, and more happy with myself. Whenever I felt lonely, I [...]


You Failed! – Why Is It Actually Good


I could see my father in my mind yelling at me, stressing those two words. I could see how my life would suddenly turn upside down, in an instant. I had trouble sleeping for a whole month, when I had to tell my parents I had failed at business school. I was nothing. I had [...]


How are your set of rules? Most of the time, this set of rules are polarized, good or bad, tall-short, etc. Other rules, are made up of Action-Reaction, and this are the rules that i´m talking about today. These rules are easy to implement. You have used them since childhood, or a long time, and [...]


Everyone has an inner child. At least this is what people say that they have heard or read from psychologists, mental health practitioners, etc. It is true. You have an inner child... BUT...When was the last time you gave him/her love? When was the last time you gave him time? Quality time? When did you [...]


Over Time – Don´t Forget and Lose Your Friends


You think you are the same person, but you aren´t. According to Heraclitus, “The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change -”... I usually forget about time, when I´m plowing through life... Sometimes, every day´s toil is difficult and demanding...Or do we make it that way? Well anyway, I forget about everything when I have [...]