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Potentiating genuine connections we long for… Feat. Leo Babauta, Remix Carlos Coto

First of all, I wanted to write a headline as if it was a music mix name. I love to produce EDM,(you may find me at soundcloud) and love how in music you include with the name of the song FEAT (Featuring)… I just had to write it like that! Leo, you´re the Man! FEAT Leo Babauta, how cool it sounds, doing a mix with you Leo.

Electronic Dance Music

Electronic Dance Music

In a post written today, Leo Babauta talks about how to create Genuine Connections We Long For. His post is a must read.

Leo starts with saying:

We all long for genuine human connections, and even in a busy life with lots of people around us, these genuine connections can be hard to find.

We human beings are biopsychosocial beings. We have a part that is biological, a part psychological, and a third part that is SOCIAL. We cannot live without one of those three parts.

Our connections with other human beings are essential to our well being. But also, the connection must be genuine as Leo expressed, and that is the difficult part, since we also live in a time when everything is LIGHT. People stay long inside of Facebook, Twitter, or whatever, but are they really connecting to someone? Are they really inspiring, or making better relationships, linking with people at the same profound way?

I could say that humans love everything the easy way.

Friendship, love and family connections should not be light, or easy. You must work for them to maintain at its optimal functioning. It´s not easy, but it´s essential.

We socialize online, but that’s not very genuine (why I quit Facebook). We work with people, but often that’s task-oriented and not human connection-oriented. We might have family and friends in our lives, but when we are busy or distracted by the online world, those connections might fade.

I see people everyday that are gathered with their friends, and family, but their thoughts are someplace else as they are typing madly at their SMART phone. Instead of being in the moment and living the moment with its people, they are living someplace else in their minds. Not the SMART thing to do. If you are with your family, then by all means BE with your family, live the moment at its fullest! The same goes with friends, boss and even mother in law. I can tell you that my phone is SMART, because it is so simple, that it only serves me for making and receiving calls. Leo, I hope your cell phone is just like mine!

Quantum physics and inter-connections?”

Quantum physics as I understand it, explains that everything in the universe is connected.

That is called the interconnectedness of quanta (Protons, Electrons, Neutrons, etc.) A particle is a particle but also at the same time an energy wave, that is connected to other particles/waves.

The connection of these particle/waves is what makes them to exist. If they were not connected they wouldn´t exist. The importance of this is that: You, me, and everyone else is made up, at the subatomical level, of quanta. So we could say that we exist because of the interconectedness of our quanta.

What I´m trying to say is that you and I exist because of your Significant others, and mine also. Your quanta are interconnected to theirs! You, me and everyone else make up a big net of connections and interconnections of quanta.

I invite you to EVERYDAY, demonstrate to your loved ones precisely that: THAT YOU LOVE THEM! Don´t take it for granted that they know… TELL THEM or SHOW them in any way, and by all means.

You should potentiate your genuine connections because you are potentiating yourself. The Mayans had a saying “In Lakech”, which translates to “You are another me”. Treat your loved ones the same as yourself.

According to the Free dictionary pontentiate means:

      1. To make potent or powerful.


      2. To enhance or increase the effect of a drug.


    3. To promote or strengthen a biochemical or physiological action or effect.

Well, you should be making potent and powerful connections with your loved ones. They should be your drug, your life, and you should be promoting the biochemical and physiological reaction towards them (LOVE).

By this time maybe you´re wandering: “But how? How do I potentiate genuine connections?”

      1. You need to create them. Follow Leo´s post for this


2. Everyday TELL them and/or SHOW them you love them. Take a determination to show your love, and don´t worry what people might say or do. Just do it.

3. In a meditative state, or relaxed state of mind, imagine them in your mental screen and imagine a RAY of light or Beam of light going out of your heart area, and directly into their heart area. Imagine that link getting stronger and stronger, and at that precise moment smile, and just be aware of the feeling. Imagine the other person glowing and smiling back. That is a great meditation.

4. If you are in the first stages of a friendship or date, you could tell them just that: how awkward it is, but that you feel as if you have known them forever. Ask, them is they have felt it sometime in their life (Everyone has felt it, once or more times). As they acknowledge, tell them that you feel as if a ray of light, is going out… (as #3) etc. If they have lived it once, they will relive it now with you.

For those that know, yes, thank you Ross Jeffries, for that technique! Some of his techniques can be applied to potentiating relations. The link is not an affiliate link.

Thanks Leo for the post!

photo credit: Caesar Sebastian via photopin cc

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