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Are you ready?

Parkour Jump from building to building

– “Are you ready?” asked my Martial Arts teacher…before I got my ass kicked!

-“Are you ready?” I asked my wife before going to a C-Section to deliver my lovely daughter…

“Are you ready?” Klaus asked finally.
“No,” Sunny answered.
“Me neither,” Violet said, “but if we wait until we’re ready we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives, Let’s go.” –
Lemony Snicket, The Ersatz Elevator

Of course, I wasn´t ready for getting my butt kicked…

Of course, my wife was not ready yet for a C-Section…

According to

ready /ˈrɛdɪ/ adj (readier, readiest)

  • in a state of completion or preparedness, as for use or action
    willing or eager: ready helpers
    prompt or rapid: a ready response
    (prenominal) quick in perceiving; intelligent: a ready mind
    (postpositive) followed by to: on the point (of) or liable (to): ready to collapse
    (postpositive) conveniently near (esp in the phrase ready to hand)
    make ready, get ready ⇒ to prepare oneself or something for use or action
  • I got to tell you what you already know… That you will NEVER be ready, for ANYTHING. That´s how life is…

    We will never be in a state of completion of preparedness… We may and should be prepared, by all means possible, but then again we will never be able to know with 100% accuracy that all will be fine, or go smoothly.

    I know that you understand what I´m talking about, but the reality is that, even knowing the right answer… We as humans, are still waiting to be ready all the time.

    Being ready implies an actual knowledge of doing something… a behavior, but it also implies a mental and emotional preparation, and you may never be emotionally prepared, as you can´t train your emotions. You either feel them as they are… or you become a robot… not feeling adequately each emotion in its exact moment they emerge. You become a COLD, cranky, uncaring person.

    You may not be ready… but life will make sure that you TAKE ACTION in someway. You might pass the test, or FAIL. Be certain that you will have to do something, so you better understand that…

    You may never be ready… Don´t wait for TIME to pass…you are still avoiding what you know you have to do…

    You may never be ready, as I explained before…BUT you may be prepared…

    You may be prepared

    You can anticipate to what you will have to do, and to what you might feel at that moment in time.

    Everybody hates pain. Be it of physical, emotional or psychological nature; You and I are the same in that way.

    I hated each and every Martial art class that we would shed some blood. I hated the pain of a kick to your stomach, or a punch to the face. It happened every Tuesday and Thursday, for 5 years. We didn´t have any Belts, and stuff that wouldn´t help you in a street fight, so our teacher teached us Full Contact Kenpo. Now that I´m grown, I think he was crazy, but I learned to be confident in myself, my training, and my reactions. I learned to adapt my body, and behavior to any unprecedented situation.

    Don´t be Afraid

    Don´t be afraid of pain; your mind expands this, and makes you perceive pain in a disproportionate, and exaggerated way.

    In the full contact episodes, I learned how to Breathe through the pain. I learned how to use breathing, to control the body. I also learned that your mind has a tricked perception of pain. It is overperceived.

    Don´t be afraid of a negative outcome. You may get a bad grade, or FAIL completely the project you wanted. So what? Life goes on, and you need to start learning from your mistakes. Learn from your FAILS, and START OVER! Start various times, until you get it.


    You have to always change…and adapt…

    Life, work and people might not be fair, but if you constantly adapt and change your behavior, emotions, and thought patterns, you will do fine.

    Now, please, don´t wait for time to pass. Don´t wait for your graduation, or for your next promotion, or birthday, or anything to be able to start your dream project…just START Now! Take a little step first, but start it now, or you never will!

    photo credit: NFGman via photopin cc

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