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The Rules You Live By – Are They Empowering or Disempowering?


People have mind-sets. These mindsets are made up of RULES.

How are your set of rules? Most of the time, this set of rules are polarized, good or bad, tall-short, etc. Other rules, are made up of Action-Reaction, and this are the rules that i´m talking about today.

These rules are easy to implement. You have used them since childhood, or a long time, and they are in charge of reacting to life events. The problem is that they are just reactions to a specified action. What happens if your action  and reaction is disempowering you? What if these rules are hindering your growth?

Mine, like almost everybody else´s used to be disempowering. Why? Because you make them based on If´s-Then´s, that make no sense…

The Minimalists on their essay express it this way:

“Our lives are nothing but rules anyway. Unfortunately, most of our rules are disempowering: If I make a million dollars, then I can be happy. If I get this promotion, then I’ll work harder. If someone doesn’t like me, then I’m going to feel hurt. Too often our rules are just debilitating if-thens.

It’s time to make some new rules. Today. Empowering rules. Rules that will help us grow in the long run.

New rules: If I wake up today, then I’m allowed to by happy. If I exercise today, then I’ll feel more confident. If I spend focused time with loved ones today, then I’m contributing in a meaningful way. If I step outside my comfort zone today, then I will grow.”

So How Are Your Rules?

Would you change them? just like the Minimalists say? I did… but I changed a word… One word that makes your new set of rules even better! It turns your new rules into Determination.

You need to be determined, for getting things done!

You need to be determined for succeeding in life!

What is that powerful word?


You should change the IF to WHEN…

When I wake up today…I´m allowed to be happy.

When I excercise today… I´ll be more confident.

What you are saying, BECOMES! You will wake up… you will excercise.. so inevitably you WILL be happy, and more confident, etc.

Try it out…

Let me know if this helped!? Hope to hear from you!





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