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How to Self Publish Kindle eBook, the easy way! (Part 2)

How to self publish kindle ebook-NittyGritty

In this post I´ll go through the

Nitty Gritty stuff of how to self publish Kindle eBook

First of all, if you didn´t read the first post on the subject, you may read it here.

Setting up the Ideas

It all starts with an Idea. For my eBook HandLink, I already had a PDF version of it. For me the problem was converting it to the Kindle format. I will talk about this in this post.

But first, if you have nothing written, you better start with an IDEA. I would recommend using a Mind Mapping program for this. I use MindNode for any kind of Mind Maps that I want done. Even for this blog; I usually mind map my ideas for the posts.
You may want to use another program, or extension for doing a mind map. A great extension for mindmaps is Mindmeister.

You may use even paper, but always start with IDEAS. Start with a Mind Map.

The great thing about using MindNode is that you may export the files in OPML files (a file format used by many outlining applications) or export the mind map as PNG image, TIFF image, PDF, RTF or HTML document.

I export my Mindmap in OPML files, and this way I get like an outline already started on my writing software. If I thought about the relevant information that I want to talk about, I just write it, and export it to OPML files, that I then import into my writing software.

Writing the Book

The best software I have found for writing the Kindle eBook is NOT Word… I´m sorry to say this, but I really think that the format would be difficult to do in Word. If someone knows how to do it in Word, please let me know…but for now, I use another software.

The best software I found, and the software that I used for writing the eBook is called Scrivener.

Buy Scrivener for Windows (Regular Licence)

I learned about this software in The Challenge.

Buy Scrivener for Windows (Regular Licence)

Scrivener is so awesome that it lets you have your notes, outline, storyboard, all in one! I just get all the info that I want into the project, and then arrange the info in the corkboard, set the outline, and then get to work, all in the same software! It even lets me import my OPML files, so I have the outline ready with the information I have in my MindMap! So you actually start writing with your mind map software…

Here is a video made by Literature and Latte, Scrivener´s creators, explaining how to use Scrivener for Windows, so If you want to try it out, you may get a tryout version.

You may get Scrivener by clicking the following affiliate link Buy Scrivener for Windows (Regular Licence)

You might be thinking: “This program is o.k.. or actually great! but what happens if the book I want to write is a PICTURE book?” I´ve seen various Kindle eBooks that are made up of Pictures. How do I do that?

How to do a Kindle Picture Book?

Well, those types of books are made using the Kindle Comic Creator. As Amazon explains:

“Kindle Comic Creator is a downloadable tool that helps you create graphic novels, comics and manga. This tool is recommended for anyone who wants to create Kindle Comics, graphic novels and manga out of their existing artwork. This tool supports import from PDF, JPG, TIFF, PNG and PPM formats, and is available for both PC and Mac.”

You may download the Kindle Comic Creator from amazon, using this link to the creator. I think you might need to create a Kindle Direct Publishing account first!

After writing The Book…What comes next?

Now that you have finished your Novel, Book or Comic Book… and you have edited everything, and you have finished all the writing… You might be thinking…How to move on? Now what happens?

You need to use Scrivener, and COMPILE your work into a desired file type…

For Kindle eBook like a Novel, or even a Nonfiction eBook like HandLink, you need to output your compiled file into .mobi

Here is a video explaining how to use the Compile feature…

But, if you try to compile for Kindle, you will see that you can´t…You are missing a plugin for Scrivener…

You need to download the KindleGen.

Here is a great video explaining the process:

O.k. now that you downloaded the KindleGen, and installed it correctly (as seen on video), open up your book file on Scrivener, and COMPILE it for Kindle (.mobi file) The Compile for Kindle will be activated, and you will be able to use it.

When you COMPILE, the program will create a new .mobi file in your selected drive. You will use this file to UPLOAD it to the Kindle Store.

Uploading to Kindle Store

Now that you have your .mobi file, you need to upload it to your Kindle Direct Publishing Dashboard. Go to your KDP Dashboard.

This will be explained in the third part of the post series…

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