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How to Self Publish Kindle eBook, the easy way! (Part 3)

SelfPublish Nitty Gritty KDP stuff

This is my last post on the How to Self Publish Kindle eBook, the easy way series.

If you missed the first post, or intro to the subject, you may read it here. If you want to read the second part, or the Nitty Gritty of making the eBook, you may read it here.

In this post, I´ll go over the Amazon KDP Dashboard.

So let´s start by going to the KDP website.

When you get there, first thing you have to do is to create your user name. When you have done that, and you enter the site, you will find a page with your KDP dashboard.

Using the KDP dashboard, you upload your eBook, and handle distribution and your book´s promotions.

Kindle KDP dashboard

When you create a new eBook at the KDP dashboard, you need to enter the book details, as shown below.

KDP book details

1. Enter Your Book Details

The first step starts with entering the Book Name.

You also need to click a box if your book is part of a series. For example, if your are doing a series, like Harry Potter, then you would have to click the box, so Amazon would know that it is part of a series. I think this is for promotion, and to keep things tidy!

Next, you need to enter the Edition Number… If you are uploading your first book, then it would be edition 1. For HandLink, it is edition 1. Whenever you make a change in your book, then it would be number 2, or 3, etc.

KDP asks you next to enter the Publisher´s name. If it is a self published book, like mine, then it is YOUR name the one that needs to go into the box.

After the publisher´s name, you need to enter a Description. Here, you need to make sure people understand what your book is about. Don´t forget to sell your book by giving BENEFITS, and not just FEATURES. For example, a BENEFIT for HandLink is that you may use it anywhere, even in a room packed full of people, or even at your office, and no one will ever know that you are dealing with negative emotions, during that instant. Another benefit is that it is actually really fast acting. Think of the benefits of your book, and try to write them in a way that they sell your book in the description box.

If you wrote your book with someone else, you may set book contributors, and what their function was, if they were the editor´s, illustrator, etc. For HandLink, I did everything. I did the images, and I wrote it, so I didn´t include any book contributors.

You need to set the book´s PRIMARY LANGUAGE. A publication date, if you will publish in a different date, and finaly set the book´s ISBN (International Standard Book Number), if your book has one.

Here are the steps I did with HandLink:

KDP book details HandLink example

2. Verify Your Publishing Rights

You need to click on a box if:
a) Your book is a public domain book.
b) Is NOT a public domain book, and you hold the publishing book rights.

3. Target Your Book to Customers

Amazon KDP lets you select CATEGORIES from a drop down menu list, and then you need to set up to 7 search Keywords. For your Keywords, you must select the ones that you want your book to RANK for. I selected mine using Long Tail Pro, like I usually select keywords for ranking a Niche Site in google. You need to see if there will be enough interest and market…check my post on Keyword Research.

4. Upload or Create a Book Cover

For my HandLink eBook, I used Amazon´s eBook creator. It is easy to use, and gives you a great Book Cover every time.

5. Upload Your Book File

Your book must be in a .mobi file, in order for uploading it to the store.

You also need to enable digital rights management. I didn´t set it up for HandLink. Here is what amazon explains DRM is:

DRM (Digital Rights Management) is intended to inhibit unauthorized distribution of the Kindle file of your book. Some authors want to encourage readers to share their work, and choose not to have DRM applied to their book. If you choose DRM, customers will still be able to lend the book to another user for a short period, and can also purchase the book as a gift for another user from the Kindle store.

Important: Once you publish your book, you cannot change its DRM setting.

6. Preview Your Book

Don´t forget to preview your book… Amazon let´s you preview your book in all its Kindle devices, which is great! You may see how people with ANY type of Kindle device might see your book, with colors or paper white! Take a few minutes and check how your book will act in each type of kindle device. Now is the time to re-edit something…

KDP book details part 2

And Here is the filled parts with HandLink information:

KDP book details part 2 HandLink example

When you hit Save and Continue, you pass to the Rights and Pricing page.

KDP book royalties HandLink example

7. Verify Your Publishing Territories

You need to select if your book will have:

a) Worldwide Rights…all territories

b) Individual Territories…Select Territories

For HandLink I selected worldwide rights… it is much easier, and amazon does all the math, for each and every territory.

8. Choose Your Royalty

Amazon lets you choose for a 35% royalty, or a 75% royalty.

What you really need to think here is that if you choose the 75% royalty, amazon will deduct anything that they need in order to process your download, and sell. This varies on how big is your book, in megabytes.

If you choose the 35% royalty, they don´t deduct anything from it; they already used their 65% to pay for any cost for downloading your file.

So, here is the thing… if you are planning on selling a BIG book, or with a lot of megabytes in PICTURES, you must select the 35%, because if you select the 75%, amazon will deduct a big chunk of it, as cost per download. If your book is thin, with little megabytes, choose the 75% royalty.

For HandLink I chose the 35% royalty.

KDP publishing rights 2

9. Kindle Matchbook

I didn´t use this action, because you need to have a Print version of your book, and I don´t have one.

10. Kindle Book Lending

You may give permision to lend your book.

I didn´t have to grant this permision because I am enrolled into the KDP Select. The KDP select is a great program, that let´s their Select members to LEND your book.

Why would you let them LEND your book if they are not buying it? The thing is that Amazon allocates a big CHUNK of money for the KDP Select books. They allocate the money per month basis, and they give you according to the amount of times people have lent your book. So sometimes you win MORE money like this, than when you sell your book.

But a word of caution… If you accept their program… you must NOT sell your book in any other place…NOT even your own website, or blog. Your book enters the program for 90 days. You may do a promotion, by selling your book at a lower price, or you may give your book away for free, up to 5 days each 90 day program. I used this free promotion for my HandLink eBook.

KDP dashboard Book Promotion

I Really hope that my How to Self Publish Kindle eBook series, has helped you to make sense of an easy way to publish your own book… Let me know how it went! and CHEERS to the new Author you will become!

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