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The Top 3 Excuses for Not Chasing Your Dream


Lately I´ve been wondering if I´m chasing my dream… or if I´m actually chasing nothing. It feels sometimes like I´m doing nothing. It´s always like that… You start with determination, apply force to what you want, execute… execute…more execution, and NOTHING. Still nothing… but it´s your dream. Finally, you start seeing rewards.

Most people don´t wait untill seeing rewards. They just try out something, but have almost no patience and then they stop; the excuse: It was nothing… it didn´t work… etc.

This is what usually happens to people when they start blogging, or whenever they start something new. I started blogging every week, but with time, I didn´t see anything happening, so I got blocked. I was exausted, with my creativity low, and not seeing rewards I was stuck. I self-sabotaged myself with excuses. Excuses that “explained” why nothing was happening. I left my blog, and life went on.

I realized that something had happened, as I started to see a few people reading my blog. I had the insight that I didn´t write for everybody; I just wrote for ONE person. Anyone that reads my stories, and learns how to live a better life, anyone that reads my blog and has an insight about their own life.

I have changed my way of thinking, by not having more excuses. If I can help ONE person, I have made my job! I have reached the purpose of my blog.


What is your purpose? Are you doing something to be able to reach it? Or are you full of excuses?

In case you don´t know the answer…


Here are the top 3 excuses for Not Chasing Your Dream

The top 3 excuses where taken from: GoinsWriter


 1. “I don’t know what it is.”

The first excuse is given when you don´t know WHAT your dream is. A lot of people have this excuse. I used to have it, before I studied psychology. I have talked about it before, but I studied 4 years of business.

If you don´t know what your dream really is, how will you pursue it?

You have to start by describing what you want. If you can describe it to another person, then you may start pursuing it.

Be careful here of a Trap. The Identity Trap.

Harry Browne talked about it in his book “How I found Freedom In an Unfree World.”

“To try to find happiness by doing what seems to make others happy is to fall head first into the Identity Trap. Others can suggest what you “should” do, or what “ought” to make you happy, but they will often be wrong. You have to determine for yourself who you are, what makes you happy, what you’re capable of doing, and what you want to do. Be open to suggestions, but never forfeit the power to make the final decision yourself. Only then can you act in ways that will bring you happiness.

You’re in the Identity Trap when you let others determine what’s right or wrong for you — when you live by unquestioned rules that define how you should act and think.
You’re in the Identity Trap when you try to be interested in something because it’s expected of you, or when you try to do the things that others have said you should do, or when you try to live up to an image that others say is the only legitimate,
valid image you’re allowed to have.” – Harry Browne, p. 16
In order to find what you want, you need to seek inside your heart. Deep inside YOU KNOW. You know when you like, have, or even love something or someone. Deep inside you know. Even if your parents / spouse, or anyone else, wants you to like something or DO something… you know.
Follow that feeling. Seek inside yourself. Follow your Heart.


2. “I’m not ready.”

“I´m not ready…” I told my Kenpo Karate Sifu (Master), before my first Full Contact fight… We just wear globes, and nothing else…even our day to day shoes. Everything was possible… Crap I can still feel fear inside me… One second later I was upside down, bleeding from my nose. This was real… “Fightclub” movie wasn´t near in the future… This was 1993…I had started my combat experience. Many years and a broken finger later… I still fear the moment before each fight. I´m still not ready, I know I can fight and defend myself, but I will never be ready…even if I did this fights every Tuesdays and Thursdays, for five long years…

You will never be ready…Don´t wait untill you are ready to start business…cause you´ll never gonna be. The greatest entrepreneurs wheren´t ready for their startups. They just started… they set their course and hit it.

Set your course, and follow your dream… Godspeed to you.

The “Path of The Hero” never starts easy. The Hero, before being a hero is NEVER EVER Ready…

You have the heart of the Hero, seek inside yourself, and you´ll find you know a lot of stuff. You know things that others don´t. You are unique, you have great qualities. This will be time to use everyone of them.

Be a Hero, start walking your path.

Every Journey, starts with a single step…

Take that step forward.


3. “I can’t afford it.”

No one starts being able to afford something.


Everything has a Price. A Price you must pay… and I´m not talking about money. I´m talking about any kind of price. There is a price to pay when you DO something…but also, there is a price you must pay for NOT doing that thing…

Think about what you´ll lose if you don´t do it… and think about what you´ll lose if you do…

Start by doing a Pro´s and Con´s list, but be objective.


“For the longest time, I wouldn’t chase my dream. I’d regularly give objections for why I wasn’t doing what I was meant to do. And it ate me up inside. We all face the same excuses in moving towards our dreams, and when we stare those enemies down, they become powerless — or at least a lot less intimidating. “- Jeff Goins

“Fear is The Path To The Dark Side…”

I´m sure you know that phrase…

Be afraid… afraid that if you do nothing, you will never reach your dream.

Take that first step… start doing something towards your dream.

You´re ready…I´m not kidding you, YOU ARE… Life, the cosmos, the Collective Unconscious, God, however you call it, has prepared you to start this day.

You only need to start.

Godspeed to you… 


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