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Three roles mentors perform, that you should use for business


Stanford, from Pushing Social, talks about how there are three roles that mentors perform:

“Three roles mentors perform: 1) they offer guidance, 2) give confidence, 3) and provide tools.”

Your business or blog should be the medium for delivering these three roles, but you should be the mentor that performs them.

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Offer Guidance

People follow you, whether they want to, or because they work with you, or for you. People follow you whether you like it or not. If you have a team, or followers, and even if it is only a couple of people, you need to be their mentor.

You need to be their guiding light if you want to get far in business.

If you are the business owner, you need to guide your workers, and also you need to be the guiding light for your clients also. So you better study. Study your product, your market, your clients, your systems, and your people.

Be the first to know everything related to your business, and make it a personal goal to be knowledgeable in it. There is no such thing as an Medical Doctor that didn´t study, well there are a few, no offense, but you should strive to be one of the good-ones, or a life could be in danger.

Guess what, your business could be in danger if you don´t study and get to know your shit.

If you rely solely on a computer system, or someone else, to be able to do business, you better worry.

I remember when I was studying Psychology, and each time there was a test, a lot of the students, took a long while to build their copy, with almost all of the information that the Professor “might” ask in the test.
Sometimes they took a lot of hours to build it well. I used to think, “wow, if they spend the same amount of hours studying, they should pass.”

I studied a lot, and I passed and graduated with Honors. Today, these same people that passed copying, look to me for answers, and I just smile… because I am a mentor… I really know my shit!

Strive to become the star, in your niche, and for various overlapping niches also. Strive to be the star in your team, and you will get that promotion.

If you are THE boss, then strive to be able to give guidance always and to anyone.

People will follow you, blindly, if they see you really have knowledge.

Give Confidence

In order to be able to give confidence you need to: have confidence in yourself. You need to be sure of: what you are, and what you do. You need to be congruent about yourself. There is no other way to show and give confidence.

You need to know your strengths and weaknesses, and help your people to get to know theirs. Learning who you are, does not happen overnight, so you need to get started now!

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Provide Tools

Every Hero, needs tools for their journey. It´s the job of the Mentor to give the Hero the training and the tools that the hero might need.

When was the last time that you gave your team some training? The proper tools?

Sometimes people have trouble using the tools properly, so you should start by observing how does your team use the tools?

Every Hero learns directly from the Mentor… You need to get the proper training, so you can train your team.

Start with yourself, and then train your team.

Please, don´t see training as an expense, it is an investment.

Just think, what would happen if you and your team would have the proper training? How far would you go? Would it help your business?

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