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Over Time – Don´t Forget and Lose Your Friends


Time Flies…

You think you are the same person, but you aren´t.

According to Heraclitus, “The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change -”…

I usually forget about time, when I´m plowing through life… Sometimes, every day´s toil is difficult and demanding…Or do we make it that way? Well anyway, I forget about everything when I have to work and move along through life. These days, I have felt time faster, more than years ago. Time today goes faster…

I grew up playing with lots of kids. They all became my great friends, we all lived in the same middle class suburb cul-de-sac. My house, was one like many on that place, only diferentiated by the garage and the yard.  I loved it, but loved even more, being able to play outside everyday, with my friends. Those where the best days of my life… or maybe of my childhood, cause I love my children.

We were almost 15 or 20 boys and girls of various ages, and had the best plays ever. We where more than friends, we had formed a clan. That clan grew up with me, but when I got to my last year at school, my family had to move “to a better house”. Later we found out, that it wasn´t a better “home”, it was just a house, and then my parents lost the house to the bank… and I thought I had lost everything…not really, and today I know that I lost nothing.

When we moved away, I  told my friends that I would come to the cul-de-sac often, at least that´s what I thought. I never returned.  Life went by, with lots of excuses why I couldn´t go see my friends. That´s me, I pospone seeing people, maybe cause I´m afraid that they won´t like me again. I know they will, but I act as if I´m far to busy.

Over Time – I lost my friends.

Well actually I didn´t, that´s why they are great friends… I did everything wrong, not taking time to look for them, and they kept their friendship through time. Please don´t do this, like I did. If you have been appart from your friends, or family or people you love, and because you are too busy…stop it. Make time, to be with them.

You exist because of your significant others.

When you study some Quantum Physics, you discover that every particle is also a wave. Every Proton, Neutron and Electron are particles and waves. This is cool, and I will talk about it later in a post, but for today I´m mentioning it because, these quantum particles exist because since they are waves, they are in touch always with other waves. Every particle is touching every particle, they are like a same energy substance. When you destroy a part of it, everything gets destroyed. One particle-wave cannot exist without another.

We cannot exist without our significant others, because they help to define you. You are an essence of yourself and your significant ones.

Turns out that I´m starting to see my childhood friends. It took one of them to come from Australia, 15 years had passed. When we saw each other, it felt as if time hadn´t passed by…

This post is dedicated to my friends from “El Pasaje El Rosal”, and for my University Psychology friends. I haven´t seen you guys… but I will make time, no excuses. Thank you for defining who I am.

If you like this post… go see a friend. Tell them how much you like your friendship. They are part of you.


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