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What’s wrong with love?


What’s wrong with love?

This week I’ve had a pretty busy week at my private practice. I’ve had four new patients, and all four non related to each other in any way, have come to see me for the same reason. THE SAME reasonLOVE.

What is the real reason… a breakup! All of them had gone through a tough break-up, be it from a marriage, or a long term relationship.

All of them, have been heart broken for quite a while, one of them for a year and a half. The tiniest time, has been four month’s old.

Last post I talked about yourself… It all starts with self love…

but how does it end? With what? does it end…Does it end???

For these people, if they don´t do something NOW, it won’t end. They can keep going with heartache for quite a while more. You see, for our psyche, and our brain, there is no time.

“When you trip over love, it is easy to get up. But when you fall in love, it is impossible to stand again.”
― Albert Einstein

Why is it impossible to stand again?

Why is it difficult to keep living? On a breakup you think and feel that you can’t keep on living. For what?

I know, I too have been there.

I did develop a very efficient method to deal with it…This is for another post. I promise, if there are people needing this, I will develop a course or something to deal with a break up.

But for now, let’s just say that your conscious self wants to let that go, and advance in life, it’s your unconscious self that does not want to.

Why did you get this far?

If you are right now in a relationship and feel as if it is finishing… Stop. Take a moment to think what still can be done.

FIRST – Be congruent… Are you still in love with your partner? If not, then it might really be time to let go.

SECOND – Communicate with your partner. Sometimes you both feel things towards each other, communicate, let them know. We as humans are stubborn. Don´t be. You will be miserable, and you will make another person miserable. Let’s stop the bad karma and communicate good things and bad things also. Good communication is a pillar in any relationship.

THIRD – Let your EGO aside. Don´t be egotistical. All of my patients told me their partners left them, but before, they had been egotistical. Love yourself first…but love your partner as you love yourself.

If you don´t love the other person, let them know. They will find out anytime.

If there is hope…LET THEM KNOW!

And LAST, but not LEAST… if you love another person…LET THEM KNOW…EVERY DAY!


Thanks for reading… and LOVE somebody. LET THEM KNOW.


IF this post has inspired you…please let me know in the comments! I made it for you, this is how I show you some love!

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