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Yes; You Can!


You can do anything?

Yes. You can. 

Not everything is good for you, but you can do it. Let´s not get into illegal stuff. This post is NOT for that thinking. You are here at Sight For Sore Eyes Blog, and here we THINK POSITIVE and ACT GOOD. We do the good stuff, remember? We love doing what is correct, because it helps you to be congruent with life. Karma sucks!

I’m tired of listening to people rant about NOT being able to do something! STOP WHINING!!!

How will you do anything, if you keep on taking up your time to Whine about it? Instead try to learn. Take time in learning something new EACH DAY.

Today I learned how to use a PHP function in Yii Framework to create a new Project…

public function actionCreate()
$model = new Projects();

if ($model->load(Yii::$app->request->post()) && $model->save()) {
return $this->redirect([‘view’, ‘id’ => $model->project_id]);
} else {
return $this->render(‘create’, [
‘model’ => $model,

What? Yes. I am not a Computer Engineer, or anything. I am a computer geek enthusiast. I really think that EVERY person should learn how to program. It helps me think clearly. I have learned, at my own pace, some PHP, RUBY, PYTHON, C++, and LUA. For what? For the sake of learning. In order to be able to build a web app or website from the ground up, if I want to… For the sake of doing Indie Video games…why not?!

But it Takes time…

So what?! So does whining…

I better take time on something that will make me better, than on something that won’t give me anything.

You are CAPABLE of learning and doing ANYTHING!

Like James Altucher says, and I love his quotes and writing…

“Choose Yourself!”

Maybe it’s time to re-invent yourself.

I have reinvented myself many times up. I am a psychologist, a blogger, a musician, a computer geek, a whatever…

What are you???


If you liked it, please let me know WHAT YOU ARE, and WHAT ARE YOU LEARNING…. in the comments!

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