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Your body speaks your emotions

“I don´t get angry, I grow a tumor instead!” Those are the words that Woody Allen said to Diane Keaton in the movie Annie Hall (1977), by Woody Allen

The Body-Mind Unity (Monk and internal fire)

The Body-Mind Unity

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If you are thinking this guy is old, that he saw that OLD movie… Well I didn´t, I hadn´t even been born, I was born in 1978. I saw that quote on a post at the Huffington Post, that talked more about what I want to talk today. You may read it at this link. The post was written by Deb Shapiro.

Deb Shapiro wrote the book Your Body Speaks Your Mind: Decoding the Emotional, Psychological, and Spiritual Messages That Underlie Illness, which won the 2007 Visionary Book Award and was a finalist for the 2007 Nautilus Book Award.

Today I am sick at home, with a very bad throat ache, and this morning I couldn´t speak anything. Did I go to a David Guetta concert yesterday? No, I wish I had. He came to town and I couldn´t go. What a bummer.

Yesterday, I was feeling o.k. with some degree of discomfort in my body. I felt I was getting a cold, but I could manage to see my patients, and talk and talk and talk some more. And I knew that I would be getting a big throat ache, but not for the talking, which I do every day. I got it from what I didn´t say.

You might be thinking WHAT?

Yes, the answer is that I got the throat ache for NOT SAYING EVERYTHING that I needed saying. I tried to say everything, but have you ever gotten your words mixed, and tangled more, and thoughts and mouth, do not connect? Well I had that yesterday. I tried to speak with my heart, but I couldn´t. Obviously this person is very dear to me, and its very personal, so I won´t go into details. But let me tell you that It was a situation that involved lots of unclear and chaotic emotions, and they all were felt at my throat. It was a HIGH STAKE emotional situation for me, and now I can´t talk. My throat just collapsed.

The thing is, that today my body spoke by giving me a big throat ache, and by shutting down my ability to speak. The high emotional input, didn´t have the same intensity output. I couldn´t speak everything I should have or even wanted to, and sometimes actions speak better than words.

I am not saying that every ache, or disease is emotional in its core. I am saying that the body and the mind, are ONE. They are ONE, and you are WHOLE. You cannot separate both parts.

If you get an ache in the body or anything, don´t just think that its sickness and just that. Your body might be trying to speak to you. You need to start listening to your body.

In order to start understanding your body, you need to start thinking “what is the function that the part of the body in question performs?” For example, the throat: Speaking, reaching out with words. Your digestive system, well it depends on the part in question, but if it is your stomach or intestines, you should think that maybe you are not processing or “digesting” a situation you are having in your life. Maybe the situation has been there for some time now, and you have been trying to cope with it, but you can´t. People with trouble to go to the bathroom, usually have trouble LETTING GO of life situations, people, or even comfort zones.

Maybe it´s time to start thinking a little what your body is trying to speak to you, so you don´t just go and grow tumors! Like Woody Allen in the movie.

Now, I don´t wanna grow a tumor, so I better use HandLink Technique and deal with the bottled up emotions. If you wanna learn HandLink, just get my free ebook, down this post.

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