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Stay away from Zombie Love


Have you been so madly in love?

I have.

You suddenly believe that you can´t live without that person. You know they are “special”; it does not matter if your friends find them “horrible, disgusting, fat, whatever…You; can care less about it. They complete you, without doing anything, just by being THEM.” When that happens, you know you are screwed…deeply madly in love SCREWED! Why, because you are in Zombie land…you care less about everyone else, everything else, even your own life.

Zombie land is great, if you are loved back with intensity! Zombie land is awesome if you both are Zombies! But what if only YOU are a zombie?

What would happen if there was a Zombie movie with just ONE zombie? It could probably be a disaster of a movie…why? Because we all love hordes of zombies!!! Not just ONE, dumb and lame zombie!

If you are in Zombie Love, you need to transform fast into your old self! You need your anti-love potion!

You might be thinking by now: “Anti-love potion!? – What a bunch of crap!” Carlos, you are way over your head here. You suck, and you should SHUT UP! I love him/her, and I KNOW I will make them love me back! Turn them into a Zombie”.

Yesterday a girl tried this same approach with my son.

I went to my youngest son´s Independece Day Act. You see here in El Salvador, we celebrate 15 of September our Independece Day. So I was with my wife and son, waiting for the act to begin and some kid called my son by his name. As soon as that happened, a mother approached us. “Is HE Carlitos?”

We said “Yeah?!?!” with doubt and weird faces…

“My daughter can’t stop talking about your son!”. (They are both TWO years old, well two and a half, actually) “She gets home every day, and says that he has blue eyes, and blond hair, and perfect straight hair”… by now, our eyes are BULGING, and SURPRISED! She keeps going “and she says that HE is her prince!”


Zombie girl! Two year’s old!

My son was there in front of them the whole time, and what did he say? Nothing! he can´t even talk right! he is two freaking years old for christ´s sake!

I have to tell you, it can start very young! Zombie Love Virus is very virulent.

If you have Zombie Love Virus

  • Try, please try with all your might to be objective about the situation. You love them, but they don´t love you! It is definitely a WIN-LOSE situation.
  • In order to kill a Zombie, you need to go for the head! If you try to fight the heart, nothing will happen, you can´t kill it with a bullet in the heart, you need to take the head. How can you do this? by THINKING properly! Do the math! One plus zero is NOT two…it is still ONE. If they don´t feel the love, they won´t feel it in a future time. Love is a chemical reaction, either you and the other person have it, or you don´t.
  • Love has not to be confused with attraction. You need attraction, but it is not love. You might feel attracted to another, and them to you, but it does not mean that you both are in love. Love comes simmering or brewing with time, but with active action between both of you.
  • Take time away from that person. You might think and feel that you will die! But I can tell you that Zombies don’t die. They may go large amounts of time without food, and they are still dead! When you take time away from that person, give yourself that time. Start doing something for yourself! Work on your inner self, inner child, or inner whatever. Love starts by loving yourself. When you start loving yourself, you start to revive, and you leave the undead and become human again!

Hope you liked this blog post, and if it helps you to become human again! Let me know with a comment, like or something! Stay away from Zombie Love!!!


Love you guys!




photo credit: Gabriel Figueiredo Killer Combo! via photopin (license)

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